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What websites do you guys get your stuff from. Personally the only site I have found any decent is danscomp and was hoping for a couple more.

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Get whatever you think looks cool or represent your hometown. For me, I'm going with a bmx hat eventually but if I was getting a hat for a team it would be Minnesota. I like both these hats: Vikings!,4,10029.html?viewfrom=0&numresults=30&sortby=newest ... more »

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Friends, hookah, GIRLS, sex (with girls)

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go ride

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If all your worried about is color go paint your bike.

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Doesn't look like you've really done much. Especially if you expect to get by with a myspace domain as your main site. I suggest you either take a second look at the carrer or give it up. It's not easy nor is it cheap and easy to get into. Many people ... more »

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Meh he probably lost interest. Happens alot. If not ok, if he did ok. I really could care less. He doesn't really hold to much of a candle to the average spammer anyways. Kinda gives them a bad rep.

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My guess is when you are throwing the bike in front of you, you are pushing the bike forward. This makes it so you are in a sense throwing all the weight in front of you, thus causing the momentum to not come back but rather keep going where the kinetic ... more »

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I listen to the radio from 10-12 Sunday-Thursday to hear a broadcast called loveline, which I believe is also played over the net. Quite interesting actually:

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Probably wanna watch where you put your weight as well. Wouldn't be to fun to put to much in the back and fall on your ass.

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The reason they do like to show off the tailwhip is because it is more of an advanced trick. I know where your coming from but people like being able to overcome an obstacle like that so there going to show it off as much as possible. But I agree that ... more »

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Sorry to hear that. I hate getting hurt. Although the most I've done is break my forearm, of course by simply falling over on my bike. Seriously I wasn't going anywhere. I rode it in 3 days though when I got my cast on. Thats when I was 9-10.

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Yes I understand that but I don't want to get wasted by a car. Or hit someone.

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I don't own a single pair of pants lol. I guess I should check into that but maybe I should just reinstall the gyro. I like riding brakeless and know it will improve my riding but maybe I should listen to him.

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Yea he said I can't take it on the road until I put some breaks on it.

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You want it louder? I wish mine was silent.

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Ok, well I want to go brakeless and will but what are some ways to stop if I have to. What I've been doing is lifting the bike up into a manual and just putting my feet down and walking it out. Anything else?

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My dad is forcing me to put the brakes on my bike because he doesn't want me to get hurt or other people. Should I? I mean everyone says that without them, you learn to become a better rider but idk.

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Done! Thanks for the help.

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Ok, well I am putting the grips back on now and you said to use hair spray? Should I coat the inside of the grips with it before putting the grips back on or what. How does this work. And I won't be riding tonight so I don't need anything drying fast. ... more »