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rode 20"s through my teens. recently got back into riding after a 3 year break and bought a model c because my 20 was feeling a little small. not had a lot of a chance to ride it much yet because of work commitments and bad weather, but the the times ... more »

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just got it yesterday! sunday model c 2012 got some primo pegs for it, took the brake off and cut the grip flanges off cos i cant stand them. not rode it properly yet, gonna give it a trial without brake first.
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Only just getting back into riding, but in the past they've sent me a frame in the wrong colour, wrong parts and waited two weeks to tell me a sprocket I ordered wouldn't be in stock for a month. (but they still took my money)

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I used to ride for about 5 years through my teens and stopped at 19 when I went to university. I'm also pretty tall at 6'4. Im 22 now and recently when I went back home I dug out my bmx from my parents garage and took it for a spin and it just felt weird ... more »

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