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I know this is barspins thread #37594837 but I REALLY need help getting full barspins, I can get half bars every single time but can't for the life of me get a full barspins. Please help

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I was gonna buy the Sunday Knox guarded sprocket, but my lbs was charging 90$ for it

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twin tips for life

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When you think of yourself do you consider yourself a Street, Park, or Trails rider? I'm just curious as to how you view yourself since we've seen you ride it all.

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It's Street Trials

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Decided to look at Danscomp and 3Ride and find a product they both have and compare prices, and you're right, BSD Passenger on Danscomp: 310$, BSD Passenger on 3Ride: 390$

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The colour scheme reminds me of Drew Bezansons bike!

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Putting suspension on my friends BMX bike worked out okay, he had an old tony hawk BMX(we call it the tony cawk) and he put the suspension from an old walmart bike on it, he said he had to remove a few washers or seomthing to do so but in the end it ... more »

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hahaha stocksy killed that guy in the arguement

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Just some simple questions... When did you start riding? Favourite trick? Do you smoke? Favourite Pro rider? Favourite Bmx company? How long did it take you to learn flat 180's? (I'm in the process of learning them right now and I'd like to know how ... more »

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Hey I'm Tom, I'm 14 years old and got into Bmx 2.5 months ago! For the amount of time I have been riding I wouldn't say I'm too bad, I can bunny hop decent, I can foot-jam whip, double peg and feeble grind small rails and ledges and can almost 180 flat. ... more »

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Just got the game and it's actually really fun!

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It's currently out of stock, but this one is pretty good for a low price

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thanks man! just went out and examined my driver and there was a small rock caught in there, took it out and now my bike is fine again!

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So I was just biking and I pushed hard on my pedal to accelerate and the pedal/cranks/something gave out then caught again quickly. That is the best way to describe it, if anyone has had this problem or knows how to fix it please help this is really ... more »

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Yes they are mostly a mountain bike company, but they have recently entered into Bmx and they aren't doing to bad in terms of quality and price!

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Ive never seen anyone give them credit on here, but Norco has some pretty nice Bmx bikes, i have one myself (Norco Volt) and it holds up pretty nice, I bought it for 400$ at my local bike shop and it was originally 26lbs, now with my new parts it is ... more »

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A little late, but e-mailed.