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yea I just watched it again just quit looking over your left shoulder your carve/load up is fine just commit with your head look right if anything

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your head/upper body is not committing. after you pop it I try to look at my front tire/just in front of it and watch the landing from there. this dose two things 1 give you a good since of where you are in your rotation and helps it get around because ... more »

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You back yet? I don't but our shop does. Pusher Bike Shop or PusherBMX . When you gonna make it out this way?

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do you have a facebook? ill be heading back to the states soon

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Thanks Doyle!! great video, wish you came through while I was over there loading bombs on F-16's. Hit up our facebook page Armed Forces BMX.
Travis Allen, SrA, USAF

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once you get to your first base you will more or less be working what will feel like a normal jobs hours, everything dependes on your unit, if you have any exercises, inspections, tdy's or deployments things can get busy. other than that you'll have ... more »

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thanks for writing man! Im still out in gemany but I just got notifaction of a new assinment at Cannon ABF, NM. Ill be living in new mexico by febuary. I'll pop up to denver a few times more times a year. Ill let you know!

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COLORADO SPRINGS left a comment 9/3/2011 8:50 AM

What up man? How's thing's over there? Starting to get cold up here. Keep posting ... I love seeing your "updates". Wish I had Facebook to get on and thank you all for all you do. Thought you might appreciate this. Holla Trav!

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Our facebook page is doing better, here's a few new edits and another rider to check out Army SPC Brandon Fugett Air Force SSgt Eric Craven then a crash edit haha

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i like doing opp bars and catching them in a nose dive t-bog....and.... bringing back threds from 2009 lol

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Tom has amazing style and ridiculous bike controll, what is a pro to you? someone who can win dew tour events? Tom's a kid that is fun to watch and people pay attention too. this video wont help my argument but Tom is just having fun ... more »

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Hey I'm moving to clovis in the winter. It's about 4hrs east of Albuquerque near the TX border, just testing the water and seeing if there is anything to ride out there, I love trails and concret parks. Los Altos skatepark in Abuq. is one of my favriote ... more »

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I put my forks in a old riding shoe. fold the toe up and duck tape the whole thing, you could use shoes for the chain stays/ rear drop outs too. try to make the souls as level as you can and tape it!

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T-1 "We Love Colorado" 2010 Relentless Energy - Matt Priest Mike Aitken Retrospective

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Your getting really close.... try to level out a bit by having your weight over your bars a bit more or kicking it a tad later. once you level out the last half of the rotation will come around quicker too. as stated above start picking up you right ... more »

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that was awesome! yea I like you nac's too! like how you moto whip them and then suck them up on the way back in. I want mine to look like that!

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that was rad!! the first 450 was timed perfict. and rail hop at the end was awesome! and it takes away from some of the angles but you can zoom in just a bit with the lenes on and it will reduce the vignette. or at least just push it to the corners

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nm... I saw it was posted on june 7th to the front page! oh well still bad ass, i just didnt notice the thumbnail and got excited haha