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After quitting riding for almost almost a year, I’ve decided to get back into it, recently bought two second hand bikes with decent parts for $510 and combined them together to make one. Will be selling the rest of the parts for around $250 so all up

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I don't think they have 20" suspension forks as they usually come on MTBs, not 100% sure though as I've seen some on really old school type of bikes. Either way it would probably be better to just buy a MTB. Only problem i would see is either the forks ... more »

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Why do you care so much about what people's cars look like? it's their car and they can do whatever they want to it. Just because you don't like it doesn't mean everyone hates it. Besides when you modify your car people will probably think it's "gay" ... more »

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well its pretty self explanatory. whats your favorite and why? Don't really have a favorite as i like them all, however if i had to choose i'd probably go with "muscle". Not really into old school muscle but the newer generation V8's and mainly Australian.

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Had this problem which led to the stem not being able to fit on new forks, all i did was put a chisel in the middle to stretch it and it slid on perfect. (That's if you're talking about this problem)

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I agree with you that helmets will help you, i've personally fractured my skull and strongly believe it was from not wearing a helmet. However the "expert" in the article reckons that they do nothing, which is why i wanted to see if anyone agreed to ... more »

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You realize a cyclist is anyone who rides a bicycle? You still have to ride on the road to get to a location but it seems as if you just magically turn up to a skate-park or street spot, unless you all have cars and drive there, which i doubt seeing ... more »

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Found an interesting article regarding helmets and whether or not they actually do anything, so what are your opinions on helmets? By the way if you have small brain cells and can't be bothered to read the whole thing it pretty much is saying helmets ... more »

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I know, but just out of curiosity, when did you decide to change the name? "whats up guys, im not here to spam im here to get some riders input. i started a clothing line a couple months ago called CMFA Clothing. **Coolest Mother Fuckers Around** i want ... more »

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I remember when you guys first posted your designs on vital and all the hate you got for them, definitely a huge improvement. By the way, was CMFA "Coolest Mother Fuckers Around" before?, i swear it was something different? but anyway, nice shirts, all ... more »

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Not 100% sure but i think fork refers to the whole thing, not just the prongs. So for forks there are 2 for each side of the axle hence why it's called forks, where as for the utensil, there's 1, so if you had 2 you would say i have 2 forks?

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I know what you mean when you say he's a good kid. I had a mate who sounds pretty much the same as Dave, however he was the same age as me and although he did and still does a lot of illegal shit, he is very loyal to his mates, for example if he got ... more »

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When i tried this temporarily i didn't really notice a difference between having front only or rear only. Try it and see if you like it though, you'll never know.

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If you know how to assemble and disassemble a bike then I'd suggest you look into purchasing something used and repair whatever is needed, this would be the best way to have a quality bike at a price you can afford and is the option that i went with

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My least favorite thing about vital would have to be the low maturity level within some people on this forum. I know that most of them are only kids that haven't hit puberty yet, but still, it gets pretty annoying from time to time. Other than that , ... more »

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Have you tried eBay?

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Have tried adjusting the slack in the chain? e.g make it a bit looser or tighten it more. Or you could have put the chain upside down? I had a KMC Kool chain back in the day which made a noise similar to that due to putting it on upside down.

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This happened to a mate of mine who left his spot lights on during the day, not sure if that's what caused it for you but the damage looks pretty similar.

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Yeah i reckon the keychain would be better in my opinion, saves you from having to buy a chainbreaker and would make removal and installation so much easier.