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ODYSSEY im tellin you man the clutch is killer salt isnt a good brand, odyssey has always done me well. Plus the clutch is cool because it has a little tab you can slide over and you can adjust the slack with just a allen key

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fly bikes are pretty solid, Fly isnt that popular anymore but back in the day they we bomb. Id get that bike if i was you

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Thunder bolt

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This was my first bike back bike back in 2010

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I have fit ta's currently and they are pretty worn down. I've been eyeing down these maroon demolition momentum. I know that demolition is a solid ass brand but I would also like some of your guys personal opinions. Also so you guys know of ... more »

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Perfectly normal! On the past 2 frames I've had the bearing was the same for my r32's

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Quick yeah that should fix it, if it doesn't then spray some wd 40 between your huh bearing and it should be good to rip

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I've been looking around but I can't find anything. Since the frame about 10 years old it's going to be hard to find info on it

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Stick something in between the frame and tire that will keep the chain loose and then tighten the shit out of the rear wheel bolts

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Hey so currently I have a shadow chula stem and was looking to upgrade to the inaugural stem and it looks like your bars would move a lot due to it being so skinny. I would like some personal help from people that ride it thanks!

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