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you guys are pretty good
but go ride some street
for reals
nice quamen cool though, one of my boys is sponsored by quamen

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i just spent the last 20 minutes in my english class researchin it
its an Apple Lisa it was the first computer with a GUI and the point and click was introduced with the Apple Lisa
Introduced: January 1983
Released: June 1983
Price: US $9,995
How many? 100,000 in two years
CPU: Motorola 68000, 5 MHz
RAM: 1 Meg
Display: 12" monochrome monitor
720 X 364 graphics
Ports: 1 parallel, 2 serial ports
mouse port
Expansion: three internal slots
Storage: Two 5-1/4 inch floppy drives
external 5 Meg hard drive
OS: Apple Lisa GUI

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sick brah
and to let everyone know his back wheel was broken so stfu with the whole put a chain on thing haha

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anyone have any advice? ive only been ridin for about 8 months so dont hate

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