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If you listen 25 seconds into this video It definitely sounds like Mike Laird made the C2 frames for Hyper.

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Wethepeople are another company who offer a life time warranty on their forks

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CRC are great to deal with. I ordered a cable for my gyro off them but it was the wrong size. The guy said dont worry about sending it back, ill just send you out another one. There was a small issue with the barrel adjuster on the new one he sent and ... more »

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To be fair, their aftermarket frames are cheaper than many others The standard Hitmain frame is €222 (you can get the purple one for as little as €143 on sale at the moment, or the jetfuel one for €306, but your standard black or teal frame or whatever, ... more »

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Thanks for that. Just looked up the cult and its a 13.25" top tube compared to the 12" top tube on most 12 inch bikes. That could definitely buy him a bit more time on the bike

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Im in a similar position as you at the moment. My son is 3 and getting too big now for his strider balance bike so i was looking for a proper bike for him too. I dont know about getting him a 12 inch as i think he might grow out of it too quick (hes ... more »

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Matt Hoffmans section from Madd Matt used to be the one that got me pumped to just go big when i was younger. He just sends it on everything. Its still gets me going to be honest. Check it out at 35:45 here ... more »

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Big supermans or superman seat grabs, tables (flat, not inverted) truckdrivers, 360 tables and 360 whips
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WTP Patron also have a lifetime warranty, have clearance for a 2.4 tire plus 7mm heat treated investment cast dropouts and are cheaper than Odyssey - if you want alternative suggestions to Odyssey

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I got WTP Patron Forks recently. Lifetime warranty, 7mm heat treated investment cast dropouts, available in 25mm or 35mm offset, cheaper than Odyssey. I dont think theres that much between most of the good forks. I just narrowed it down to the 3 or 4 ... more »

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Thats pretty shitty out of Stranger. Im sure the money wasnt much for Adam LZ. He looks like hes doing ok for himself, but its the principle of it. If you owe him, pay him. Fair play to Adam LZ for standing up for himself and putting it out there that ... more »

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Harry Main just recently built a mini ramp in his back yard on his youtube that is 4ft tall with a 6ft transition and an 8ft flat bottom I've ridden a 6ft transition before and to be honest i think its too tight for BMX. Good for skateboards but very ... more »

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Isn't Drew Bezanson sponsored by Maxxis ? I think i saw him giving them a shout out on instagram the other day Im running a set of KHE Mark Webb tires at the moment and so far so good. They're extremely light and are holding up well so far. I mostly ... more »

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When i was a kid we used watch full videos too and Matt Hoffmans section in Madd Matt always got me in the mood to ride. I recently came across a site that has all the older videos and DVDs and it had some of the ones i grew up watching, Hoffman Bikes ... more »

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I like the look of front loads but top loads feel so much better. Im 6' 1" so 9 inch bars and top loads and about 5-10mm of spacers are much more comfortable

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He doesnt ride the madmain frame. They are beginner bikes and wouldnt stand up to what he throws at it. He rides the aftermarket hitmain frame. Im assuming its the same one you or I could buy but who knows ? I know Kevin Peraza stated on a instagram ... more »

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Mafias completes are probably similar to a lot of other companies £200 completes ie not very good Mafias aftermarket parts (which is what Harry rides) are probably similar to a lot of other companies after market parts ie very good. You cant really tar ... more »

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They can be fairly fidgety to work on alright. My first upper gyro cable was just a tiny bit too long so even with the barrel adjusters fully extended I couldn't get the brakes to pull. I had to go and buy a slightly shorter upper gyro cable. It's only ... more »

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Cheers guys. Really happy with the set up now. The gyro is actually a pretty cheap one from Blank. I was running a straight cable and was unsure if I wanted a gyro or not so got a pretty cheap one and it worked out well !

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Got a few bit 'n pieces for my bike this weekend. Firstly some Ronnie Surridge tires (KHE Mark Webb folding tires) They are only 380g each. Almost half the weight of my previous tires. They were around 650g i think. It was raining here so only got out

... more »

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