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I am a nice pair of slacks...I am everything you want
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Our Beginning
UGP Underground Products also known as "UGP" was launched in 1986 as a brand dedicated to providing a home and a voice for the people who live and breathe the bike and board cultures. The movement started to create products that would accurately represent the underground sub-culture devoted to this lifestyle. Today, UGP's collection of multifunctional lifestyle products still embodies our vision and commitment to creating a voice through UGP Underground Products that these cultures will relate to and respect.

Our Look
UGP's innovative modern infusion of retro styling mixed with an element of raw sarcasm genuinely portrays the authentic underground street attitude that originally inspired this brand. The distinctive flavor of UGP's "question everything" approach to mainstream idealism is evident in every line of products, which range from technical core-related products and limited editions to an extensive array of lifestyle designs for guys and girls. Integrating comfort, motion, utility, and distinction, UGP apparel marries the fit and feel of sophisticated fabrics with the edgy originality of classic streetwear.

Mark Mulville trails and street in Pittsburg...UGP from chad degroot on Vimeo.

Tony Malouf UGP spring street 08 from Miles Rogoish on Vimeo.

JoMo Pro featuring UGP Riderz gotta ride!!! from chad degroot on Vimeo.