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Colony "The Living" I ride until I crash, I dont ride to crash so yeah - that exceeds my ability. Favorite is park Years riding. Tough one, Stopped in 1995...started back in 2013 No, my kids do though.

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Me too... hell, back in my day, we were so poor we rode painted up rocks. and my sisters cousin had to run behind me with a stack of playing cards making the spokey doke sounds.

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Do these threads ever end well? or just well intentioned?

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Feeling pretty alone down's much easier in this scene if you know people who ride.

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Your wife goes into labour in the bathroom of your small apartment. The Ambulance is 20 mins away, the closest hospital much further. Frightened, with a phone to your ear you deliver into the world your baby boy, except you can't see him breathing. Freaked ... more »

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As a grom, when I got started we rode everywhere to everywhere. In summer we practiced by strapping plastic bottles to a bike and lake jumping them. After school we would take our bikes up to the toilet block and jump the gap bending our forks if we ... more »

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Not sure it's the best, but here's what I'm running.

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Snow? Damn...I'm flat out dodging Kangaroos.

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Sorry to hijack - these are the bars i've been looking for! how can I get them? I'm in Australia?

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Hey dude, Just started riding again in SYD after a 15 year lay off. We've got a few choices, but primarily - fivedock is the best we've got. I've got one around the corner at Belfield, but its small, there's a big set up at Olympic park (but you pay ... more »