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As long as you're learning from it. Falling without knowing what you did burns, but falling because you cocked up and learning from it, thats progression.

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Raw frames - Absolutely, but - its about offering more to a saturated market of colours. Integrated headsets - been around a long time, the alternative aint pretty. Tallest bars you can get your hands on - only if you're tall enough to ride em, otherwise ... more »

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Looking at the age demographic here, i'm not surprised. With people getting jumped on left right and center for asking perceived 'stupid questions' , Topsey seems like the safe choice for a kid, just trying to get some actual info, without being told ... more »

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Done dude. thanks.

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Topsey, great contributions, worthwhile and well thought out posts EVERY time he posts, and displays enthusiasm for the sport and those participating in it,

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Oh man, that looks great. Brian, I could do with some guidance, if you can handle a tag along one day, let me know. It sucks, but I know no one that rides anymore. (can pm facebook / mobile phone number)

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Nah, its not THAT high....

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That is a thing of beauty!

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On ya Sickdude.

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Yeah man, I always thought it was uncanny... changed the way I watched Modern Family.

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Was talking to a guy in the BMX shop yesterday about this very thing. I rode pre internet, pre forums... we weren't judged by anybody, and only copped a bit of a 'ribbing' from the mates we rode with. now, we seem to ride less, or ride with others less, ... more »

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Updated, had to slam the seat (the long johnson was just getting in the way) , added some animal butcher pegs to the left side, and a hub guard on the rear.

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Well, im running a drive side hub guard on my non drive side, and It seems i have to buy a specific Colony front guard as the others I tried did not fit my hub / axle set up.

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Welcome mate, Start by learning bike control. Start lifting the front, learning how to lift the rear. Bunny hops are a gateway to nearly everything else. Make the bike an extension of you by just getting real familiar with it. Most of all, enjoy every ... more »

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Awesome! (Haven't ridden brake less yet... Still getting used to riding with one brake)