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Reply to BMX posers. 1/18/2014 10:56 PM

I'm 33 years old, I have a much bigger disposable income than I did when I was 15. I bought the best complete i could find, I am relearning on it. I am obviously poser personified

Reply to Favorite Riders and Why? 1/17/2014 2:56 AM

Yep. Me too. I watched a Matt Hoffman video tape, yes tape....it was damaged in the middle and colours were whacked out, but I'd watch it over and over.

Reply to Tyre Cutting Hand...? 1/17/2014 12:01 AM

It's just a pity you lot molest it at every single opportunity.


Reply to Rusting parts 1/15/2014 4:01 AM

Probably just surface rust. Good hi tensile steel bolts do that. You could give em a quick soak, grease the threads and dab them with black nail polish on the areas of concern and see how that goes?

Reply to going back to 48s 1/14/2014 1:18 PM

I'll be looking to upgrade my stock rims soon enough, and the bonedeths are calling me too.

Reply to kid drinking (not scooter related) 1/12/2014 3:26 AM

That video is shot in New Zealand. Some of the parenting I've seen there would make all you guys go hug your parents / caregivers. His mother 'assumed' he was across the road, while his aunt reportedly supplied him with the alcohol. Cops are investigating ... more »

Reply to Hub Guards 1/11/2014 2:19 PM

Thanks man! Good info (we seem to have limited info in stores over here)

Reply to Murdered out with the hippy wheels 1/10/2014 8:41 PM

Finally! A bike that looks like it gets ridden! Awesome bro

Reply to Introduce yourself 1/10/2014 8:38 PM

I'm twice that age (and a little bit more) Don't feel bad.

Reply to Just got robbed 1/10/2014 7:09 PM

They're coming back. I prefer them over 2 piece

Reply to Animal butcher pegs (Plastic sleeve question) 1/9/2014 9:52 PM

Nobody ???

Reply to stolen needs to change their ad campaign 1/9/2014 9:46 PM

He looks like he was just made to take a dump in his beanie....and then put it on. that's how happy he looks.

Reply to things you hate 1/9/2014 9:39 PM

Here we go... another thread indecently molested.

Reply to Introduce yourself 1/9/2014 6:15 PM

Welcome aboard mate, from another Aussie. You almost made it to the Intro thread...it was just a few doors back up the hallway http://www.vitalbmx.com/forums/General-BMX-Talk,2/Introduce-Yourself,1168604 take it easy bud.

Reply to things you hate 1/9/2014 1:49 PM

Or just parents bringing their scoooter kids, lining them up on the edge of the bowl, fastening all of their helmets on, their elbow pads on...smooshing that last bit of lunch off the edge of their lips, and then turning around and glaring at me like ... more »

Reply to things you hate 1/9/2014 2:58 AM

It might take some of us a little while, but the diehards come back... (33 year old here...with a license ) I hate having to start all over again. Shit hurts more than I remember it and I just want to shred. I hate walking into my local bike shop and ... more »

Reply to Foam pit? 1/9/2014 1:47 AM

Plenty I reckon. I've seen some dodgy foam pits made out of a skip bin and a bunch of foam. But foam prices are a killer!

Reply to Simple Session 2014 1/8/2014 6:28 PM

with you in spirit!

New thread Animal butcher pegs (Plastic sleeve question) 1/8/2014 4:12 PM

Rookie question i'm sure, but needs to be asked. When swapping from Plastic sleeve, to raw peg, there is a set of large washers / spacers in between the peg and drop out. I put the sleeves on last night for a while, and wondered about using the spacer. ... more »

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