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New thread Bell tube from walmart 4/1/2016 5:41 PM

Hi guys so I'm done with my bike I'm getting my Sunday freecoaster wheel sometime next week I forgot to get some tube so my question is would the bell tubes from walmart works and perform as the same as any of the dans tube. I just don't want to order ... more »

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New thread what is I'm doing wrong help. 2/18/2016 3:30 PM

So today it was a nice day to ride not that nice but good enough so I just got home my pedal came off so I was going to put it back on now it seem that my cranks bb feels loose. It like if I push one end the other end would come out not all the way versa ... more »

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New thread does anyone know what size spoke I will need. 2/13/2016 2:01 PM

Hi so I don't know if you could help me with this or not I just talk to dans on what size spoke I will need they told me that the only way that they could figure out if I ordered the parts. When I place an order that is when they can figure out what ... more »

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New thread Why did the shadow raptor freecoaster hub/wheel price drop? 1/29/2016 10:22 PM

So im just wording why did dans lower the price on the shadow raptor freecoaster from just hub 174.95 to 129.95 and the wheel 249.95 to 189.95. Is shadow coming out with a raptor freecoaster v2 or is it some kind a sale that shadow and dans put together ... more »

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New thread My Starbust bike check aka sunday funday 1/28/2016 8:52 PM

Sunday Funday frame Colony stem and headset Shadow Vultus bars ODI grips Odyssey director fork Primo balance rims colony wasp hub front and rear cassette hubs Demolition momentum tires Colony colonial cranks chain random Colony sprocket animal seat Odyssey

... more »

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New thread What bmx frame should i buy two choices. 11/24/2014 1:29 PM

Hi guys so i want a bmx frame but i can't choose between two the first one is a fbm howler frame the other is a two hip bizzle frame. Which would be a better buy for me are they any good.

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