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The problem I see pretty often with people trying to 180 off stuff at first, is that when its off something, people dont jump at all, they kinda just fall off while spinning, thats how you under-rotate or case. It doesnt matter that its a feet above ... more »

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I just spray some water below them, then start turning the grip so the water reaches the whole grip and done, it just slides off.

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Had something similar, just took the axle to a place that machined it down to a 19mm

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Fuse... they are the best

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Superglue worked fine for me, put just a tiiinnyyyy bit of it to rest for the night, then just unscrew it in the morning so the screw doesn't get completely stuck in the crank arm, and then screw it back in. Done

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Fixed it by completely disassemble it, and grease everything, including the inside of the hub shell. It's a bit of a pain in the ass to do it, but use this tutorial - Hope this ... more »

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I broke my gsport pretty easily

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I run plastic ends only, because 1) they come with almost every grips out there 2) I sometimes hit myself with the bar ends while doing tricks like barspins and the plastic ones hurt less.

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For me it depends what the cop is like, if he is cool and just asks us to leave, we leave, but if he's a dickhead, well then we annoy the shit out of him.

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I dont see anyone talking about them, but I run the FUSE delta helmet, its one of the lightest(you wont feel it on your head) and its certified.

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Watch NeedleMedia's tutorial on youtube, he shows how to do it and explains it pretty good

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There 's a problem. a month ago(or more) I got myself a new chain(cult halflink) And all looked good till i started riding it and it made that hideous noise that chains make when they are wearing in. I knew that it would make that noise so it was all ... more »

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The wheels and the fork look like EB

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Purple/Black bike check
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My hub was ghost pedalling because its was too dry. Just put some grease in the hub/driver.

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I would recommend fuse shin guards. They are great and are not that expensive. Ive had them for around a month, and they have been holding up pretty good. They dont sweat as my previous pads, and fit perfect under my jeans. And protection is on point ... more »

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Do you want to trade for my (close to new) cassete hub?(Cinema VX2)

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Cinema VX2 Cassete(close to brand new) with a Colony rim - 150$

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Happened to me too recently after I switched from 2.3 to 2.4 tires in the back. That shits fukin LOUD, especially if the tire is near your ear when it explodes. The tube had a huge hole half way across the whole tube on the rim side. Happened to 2 tubes.

... more »