The Vans BMX Team was in Ft. Worth, San Antonio and Austin, Texas this pass weekend. Riders included: Scotty Cranmer, Cory Nastazio, Luke Parslow, Gary Young, Chase Hawk, Ty Morrow, Sean Sexton and Dylan Smith. The Vans team was signing autographs at Vans Stores and riding in Austin at 9th St and T1. Stay Tuned for a video coming soon!

And the story begins...
The schedule was tight. Four days, one night in Dallas, two nights in Austin and three Vans store autograph signing sessions. In between times, sessions were planned for the T1 ramps and the 9th street trails, both in Austin.
On the morning of Thursday the fourth of December, Vans Team Manager, Jerry Badders, met up with Vans Dirt jumpers Cory Nastazio and Luke Parslow at John Wayne Airport in Orange County, California. Luke was running fashionably late and made it there by the skin of his Honda Civic.
At the very same time, Gary Young who was in San Diego and Scotty Cranmer, who was chillin on the East Coast, boarded flights, all converging in Dallas, Texas. Also headed in from Greenville, North Carolina was Vans newbie Ty Morrow.
Thursday evening would be a chance for anyone to come and meet the Vans BMX team at the Vans Store in Dallas. Kids brought objects ranging from helmets to bikes and dvds to skateboards for the riders to sign. A couple of the fans won free shoes and apparel and a lot of kids went away with smiles on their faces.
The crew arrived back at the hotel in time to see Badders’ Super-Chargers put the hurt on Oakland back on the Westsizide and plans were made to travel to Austin first thing in the morning. It was also noted that Dallas in December is freakin freezing. In Austin, we would meet up with three more members of the team and get to ride two of the most famous spots in the world.
Ty had already busted a fat no hander out of a chilly, early Dallas morning, bank to wall by the time the team hit the road. Badders was road testing a GMC SUV something or other and g g g g Gee Young was following with Scotty in the straight edge X terra. In Austin, they would meet up with Vans riders Chase Hawk, Sean Sexton and Dylan Smith who have a sweet pad super close to the ramps, the trails, and downtown. The whole crew would hit up the two autograph sessions in San Antonio on Saturday and Austin on Sunday . That meant we would get a Friday session at the 9th Street trails and although Sexton’s heel was too tender to ride and Dylan had class, the rest of the crew hit it up. Scotty had a chill day but was still throwing tricks mid section and getting through all the lines. Nasty, Gary and Luke got used to the trails quick and it wasn’t long before tricks you probably associate with the X games, rather than a day at the trails, came out. Luke’s mid section flip whip shut down the session about the same time as Gary and Chase were getting ten feet up on 9th streets Tree ride.
The best thing about the day was getting to see Chase ride his local jumps. His 360 variations are as textbook as it gets and style like Chase’s, like a good leather jacket, is never gonna go out of fashion. Chase was also our main tour guide in Austin and took us to a wild steak house Friday night. It’s pretty cool to watch Chase talk to the kids at the trails but it’s positively trippy to see restaurant owners hanging with Chase the same way they would with an NBA player. We already know Chase Hawk has hit the big time but in Austin it was like hanging out with Rocky Balboa in Philly. People took part in Austin’s night life and headed to bed knowing there was a full day ahead.
Saturday’s main deal was the autograph signing in San Antonio at 6pm but the crew were in Austin and there was a chance to ride a morning session at the legendary T1 ramps. We also had the ultimate host as Joe Rich, T1 owner and uber shredder, let us in and hung out with the boys. Gary, who almost always rides everything, and Luke hit up the skatelite and it wasn’t long before Scotty was taking leaves off of overhanging trees, that should have been safe due to their height. It was awesome to hang out with Joe and the Austin locals but the clock was ticking and via the worlds fastest shower stop, the team reached the home of the Spurs in time to meet the kids.
Two hours and two cases of writer’s cramp later and the 2SUVans convoy is racing back to Austin like Steve Austin. Racing against time to get back to see Oscar de la Hoya’s boxing career end of the 7th round.
Sunday was the final day and the final autograph session. Luckily it was in Austin, we were in Austin and we flew out of Austin. Even so, Scotty and Gary rode in the morning to see if we could get some photos and as per usual they both delivered like Fed Ex on steroids. It’s really almost impossible to explain to you how good these dudes are. Along with Cory, Luke, Ty and Chase these dudes are Pro like Ballers and schralping every day, it is truly a treat to behold in the flesh.
After Sunday’s packed day the team prepared to disband. Ty, who now officially has more than 50 nick names, ( Ti Axle, Tai Food, Tomorrow, Tyrannasaurus, etc) decided to stay on for a few days more. Austin is indeed a good place, a cool place, an eclectic place. A place with a killer attitude towards BMXers and an amazing scene. All BMX fans should put it on their to-go-to list and all Vans Fans should keep your eyes on You never know, next time the Team may come to your city and you’ll be able to meet your favorite Vans rider.
Thanks to Badders, Chase, J Rich esq and all the locals that made the Vans BMX whistle stop Texas tour the killer four days it was.
- Peace.

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