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Do you have a bottom bracket for them?

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It depends on the park and place. In some places skaters are a bitch, in others skaters don't care but the city does, and then in others "no bikes" is just a sign with no meaning. I'd ask around and try to figure out so you can avoid potential fines. ... more »

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Just learn regular unless switch feels natural. You are thinking too far into it so just do what feels normal. And at some point you'll learn both to do the advanced trick that are hard and easy 180s.

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Clear pads make a big difference if you don't have the. I find that a light layer of ketchup on the rims really helps brake power. Brant Moore has videos on a bunch of brake stuff as well.

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I'd get 9 inch bars.

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My favorite shoes are the Etnies barge ls. I really want Etnies to come back with a hi top with their triangle sole pattern.

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It probably has to do with the grease in the hub. On my coaster I had almost instant ingagment which is weird. I took it apart for maintenance and then it had full ingagment because I didn't have any slack rings. I'm not sure why it happened but I think ... more »

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Thanks for the offer. I'm looking to get by for cheap though.

Started new thread WTB LHD Cassette 5/6/2020 6:40 PM

Im looking for a lhd Cassette wheel, with preferably a chrome rim (not a deal breaker). Shipping to 59101

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I had a similar problem. Getting some knarps and cutting your cables to the right size is the simplest option. So on mine my barrel adjuster bolt snapped at about halfway so I couldn't get the right lenght a needed so what I did was put a shim in the ... more »

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It's because of friction slowing you down. It's like doing a feeble on a ledge then doing a pegs at the same speed. You won't go as far on the pegs because there is a lot more friction compared to your tire just rolling on the ledge on the front. The ... more »

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That's cool! I hope he has fun shredding.

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Yeah BMX uses a lot of muscles that don't get used much, so just ya know. The driveway thing could be a mental strain/block thingy too. To fix it I guess ride somewhere else and have some fun. I say just give it a week.

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Could be a multitude of things. It may be a mental drain thing that'll go away. It could be sickness; your body is in a weakened state fighting whatever it is, probably just the flu. Lack of nutrients... I'd wait a week and see if you feel that way then ... more »

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Safe enough.

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Then bar that same way. As said there is no right way but with bars you kind of want to do them the "right" way because of how let's say a truckdriver works. Might as well learn both though.

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Can you x up?

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I ride if the ground is wet but not enough for my wheels to shoot water up at me. But I do make sure not to do things like foot jams and things that can slip. You just have to be cautious.

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Yeah that is fair enough. I'll always watch somebody doing anything I'm trying to do even if I don't like them.

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Yup practice makes perfect. You may be goofy which is fine just do what's comfortable. Sometimes an opposite trick can feel better. Like for me I'm right foot forward and spin to the left. Usually people do footplants with their front foot but it doesn't ... more »