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this. you can do the whole job for under 30 bucks including a can of clear coat

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i'm a dude, and ten years ago when my voice cracked and i first started growing lil curly hairs on the family jewels, i used to troll forums by posing as a lesbian. so here's the test. get rid of that pic, dont announce gender or sexual orientation because ... more »

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GLH's are heavy unless you can find GHL-R's. just get Maxxis grifters. they're perfect for everything

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stick one side of the hub or axle in a vise? or FETCH THE JAWS OF LIFE

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what? no, Clancy was right, it's just a bunny hop. the only reason anyone would say "english bunnyhop" is cuz they don't know how to bunnyhop right and they're trying to find an excuse. this "american bunnyhop" is a REAL bunnyhop. if you must call it ... more »

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you could true your wheels properly, and they'd stay straight. its something your really should know how to do if you wanna get more serious than bunnyhopping curbs. but the fork is too short for a gyro. hell, thats barely safe as it is. get a fresh ... more »

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if you must use a ghetto trick, use hockey tape, not electrical tape. electrical tape stretches and deforms over the spoke holes. hockey tape (or any thick cloth tape, you lbs should have the road bike stuff too) doesn't stretch so it deforms less and ... more »

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shit yeah choice 3. Sun/Profile for the win.

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yeah, it's not like rim strips are expensive. so just order the wheels and buy rimstrips if theyre not included

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do NOT get an 18" bike. get a 20" bike with a shorter 18.5" top tube. that way you can make whatever parts you want fit in the future. do NOT get hung up on weight. 99% of complete bikes are around 25 lbs regardless of quality. 25 lbs bike built with ... more »

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looks like a base model Haro, like a 200.1 or something. all loose ball bearings, mostly or all hi-ten steel (no crmo). worth about 300 brand new, about 50-100 used depending on the condition. good starter bike but not much else

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no, that bearing race is not integrated, and is curved to fit regular ball bearings. you can tap it off with a hammer if you want to switch for a 45 degree race for a sealed bearing headset

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I'm not a fan of chain tensioners in general. if i have issues with my wheel slipping, i use ghetto wheel slammers. just cut a nut in half, grind to match the shape of your dropout, and put in the dropout inside the curve so it holds the axle. works ... more »

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I only run Grifters, and only in 2.1" if i have a choice

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Ryan Nyquist, DMC, and Rick Moliterno are still riding. you've got like 2 decades before youre too old to ride

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1) the point of plastics is the bearing races wear away so you just buy new pedals every few months 2) if you do put grease in a metal-plastic surface contact, the plastic expands and essentially seizes to the metal. use grease for metal on metal contact ... more »

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bobPA that was some scary math. i can't even hold a calculator without getting cold sweats and nausea. for real tho, you make a good point. the loss of efficiency between my buddy's profile Elites and my Eclat hubs are minimal. he regrets daily spending ... more »

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totally safe to ride, mine are 10x worse. if one of the cuts does go through the rubber and into the lining, you can make it last a lil longer by booting the cut from the inside with a piece of a tube and some rubber cement.

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this. this is what happened to mine. on the plus side the unique shape of the ring and the c-clip holding it in mean that the hub still works- the pieces of the shattered ring are held in place and don't move around unless you remove the c-clip. i couldnt ... more »

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sundaybmxRR yeah, the ring is the fatal design flaw. mine shattered a year into riding the hub and i had to replace it along with the new driver. the appeal i see in SDS is that the parts work on so many hubs that almost any shop can order parts for ... more »