Added reply in a thread Wanted to check in with all you peeps that had befriended me...... It's my 50th Bday today... 1/19/2022 5:28 PM

Happy birthday friend!! I remember a year and a few months ago, when I re-discovered Bmx and came on this forum, you were one of the most welcoming to me. You even helped me make my decision on buying my bike. May you have 50 more years buddy!!!

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Aside from the double wall rims, what else can you tell us about the bike? Is the frame full chromoly? How about the bars and forks? The frame probably is most important. Especially if you're a grown adult. You want something that can handle your weight. ... more »

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Nice form on the manual.

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That is awesome my man!! Enjoy riding with your young son. They grow up so fast.

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He must really love his Street Sweeper

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Yea I agree with Krooked. Tips will help a bit, but no one here is going to help you as much as you going out and getting comfortable with grinding .Practicing and learning the feel of it. Plus there are so many videos that go into a lot of depth for ... more »

Added reply in a thread Strength, flexibility, and mobility in bmx 1/11/2022 7:47 AM

I learned many years ago now that I ca not get away eating the way I used to. Almost ended up with diabetes a year ago and decided to change my eating habits. I don't do fast food much, stay as much from prossessed as I can and really limit my added ... more »

Added reply in a thread Hello darkness, my old friend 1/10/2022 9:26 PM

I'm with you. I lived in Chicago as a kid in the 80s. Now as a grown adult I wouldnt live there even if you offered me a free house. real talk. I hate cold too. I lived in So Cal most my life with 70s and 80s weather all year, but moved up to Central ... more »

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40 degrees is t-shirt weather?! That's insane. It's been in the 50s up here in Central Cali and I've been buttoned up in a coat.

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If I didn't see your name on the post, I would've assumed it's me that wrote this.

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I've only run the Eclats and can vouch for them. Nice and wide and my feet never slip.

Added reply in a thread Lower back pain. Need help. 1/8/2022 7:42 PM

Damn man!! The fact that this thread is interesting to me reminds me that I'm an older dude.

Added reply in a thread Happy New Years! 1/5/2022 6:20 PM

My New Year goals are learning manuals, nose manuals, airing out and just continuing to really dial everything else. Hops, 180s,360s, and just learning a whole bunch of fakie tricks. Love my Fakies. Happy New year to all BTW. May all your dreams come ... more »

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Haven't ridden in a good 2 weeks. Spent the holidays out of state, so I thought I was gonna be real rusty. when I went to the local today. After about 15 or so minutes, I started to feel it and rode like I haven't been away. I was lazy to go at first ... more »

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@Beetrecca Welcome!! I started again at 46 a little over a year ago. I too was a rider in the 80s. Careful, it gets addicting. Lol. A little over a year and I end up with 3 bikes. I too wasn't too much on the tricks but once I started, I fell in love ... more »

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Yeah you definitely don't want to get rid of all your slack on a free coaster. That's something that non-free coaster riders seem to not understand. You don't want that thing engaging on you in the middle of a trick when you least expect it. I always ... more »

Added reply in a thread Planetary Coasters 12/28/2021 9:06 PM

In my opinion it's too new for this technology to be 100% dialed. At least now. I'm sure as people figure this out, in the next few years, I would love to ride one. I love free coasters, but obviously the slack is off putting for some. So yeah I think ... more »

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Those bars are sexy!! Are they heat treated?

Added reply in a thread Riding motivation 12/28/2021 2:27 PM

Couldn't agree more. For me personally, I enjoy riding so mush, that I don't even think of it as excercise. Even though I'm sweating my ass off.

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I'm your age too and have been riding for a year also. And yes, I'm on the same page of riding for fun. I don't do crazy shit that can land me in the hospital. I do some jumps (nothing insane) ride bowls and some street flatland. My goal is to have all ... more »