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no complaints from me either, feels amazing

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Amity still sells a lot of NOS stuff on eBay (I grabbed a full wheelset on there myself) so perhaps worth giving them a message? Off the top of my head I can't remember the username, something like stomppitbikes or something to do with pit bikes.. might ... more »

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just go faster

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I've got some old Vans Half Cabs and a pair of old Demolition teams, grippy as hell

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My style? shit as fuck. I get the balls to go big after a few beers, but whatever skill I had has faded by then..

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My Stolen teams are going fine after a year of abuse, only thing wrong is the paint has started to rub off, still solid as anything tho, highly suggested

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it's not a massive difference but will be different, as said by others tho, a top load stem is a definite, I rode my 21" with a front load, then switched to a top load and it felt miles bigger

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No problems, ultimately, the choice is yours, but having better parts on the starter will make it easier, I'd also suggest a top load stem (I have a Sunday Freeze on my Bone Deth), makes it feel so much bigger and easier to ride

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it has a slightly shorter toptube than the Premium, but it should be fine, I'm 6'1'' (1.85 metres) tall and ride a 21" toptube frame, which is more than long enough. As for your weight, the parts on it should be stronger and able to take more punishment,

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Added reply in a thread can i do it? 6/5/2014 4:45 AM That's my suggestion, Cr-mo, chromoly, 4130, it's all the same. I'd personally get the Wethepeople rather than the Premium, better parts etc etc

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Premium Mag's gave me this beaut, still ride metal tho, may get more damage from metals, but they grip better 99% of the time
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I'm running a pair, they're quite thick tubing wise, but feel really strong and solid. I recommend them

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Cheers guys, definitely stands out from the usual rides round here, just roll on pay day for a new rear :D

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I'm Dave, 26, only just got a job, been unemployed for a year, been depressed for 10. I have permanent nerve damage in my left hand from a suicide attempt that (obviously) failed. I dream of living a comfortable life, not being mega rich, not being famous,

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Had a quick blast through, but didn't find much, just wondering if anyone knew where's best for 24" parts in the UK, currently riding with a ruined rear wheel, LBS sells some cheap replacements, but after something half decent.

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looks rad man

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aha, cheap and easy fix for scratches, the stickers I had on that were like Disney Princess stickers, and love hearts and stars, cheapest stickers did best.. I like to think it's still being ridden with the same parts on, thing was a serious tank, only ... more »

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21" Liiving Dead, Bomber bars, Speedfreak Sprocket, T1 V2 Forks, Stolen Team cranks, Demo team pedals, Sunday Freeze stem, Vibrator leopard seat, Postman post, crappy Amity wheelset, Snafu Malcolm tyres, Burning Rubber grips and so ... more »

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All the stickers hid scratches/dents, 1 piece cranks, dinner plate sprocket, parts were rode into the ground, like 20 inch bars, ended up with electrical tape for grips.. surprisingly, it got stolen :/ ahaha
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