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What do you ride?

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Dude I go to that school...

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Is the kink titanium headset even worth spending that much money on???

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Where Exactly are you?

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Whats so great about this video??? Am I missing something?

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Good riding but I bought it was kinda boring until like half way through

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What are the specs on the frame??

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That is the most generic and boring stem ever it's like fit decided to take they're drop down stem (whatever it's called) and smooth it out.

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lol eastern videos suck

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I give you props bro good for sharing the gosbel it's something that needs to be spread around for people to know!

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The stem is so sick I have one exactly like it in polished and it's the best

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I want these bars so bad and I can't find them anywhere I even emailed we the people but they didn't respond!

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I want your bike.

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Damn that is some insane riding I love it I want to see more from this guy. It's like street but with some park flowy stuff mixed in so much better than a bunch of bar spins and grinds!

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Mhmmmmm yummy...

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You know what they say about big feet...

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California has some great street spots especially at certain beaches. Parks... Ehhh not many in my area although I do live down the street from etnies skatepark but they don't allow bikes. And if you like dirt then this is the place for trails because ... more »

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If you ride park DO NOT have the duo stunner in the back. It's slips out a lot on smooth concrete. So I would either switch the two or get fit fafs frOnt and back.

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This thread has totally just gone to hell