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Yes! Diversity is key. I ride left foot forward, but actually learned 180s and 360s to the left because that's the way my buddy did them (right foot forward). It made learning lookbacks easy, but I learned barspins and x-ups to the right. Which sucked ... more »

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Im 5' 11" and I've always been more of a "jumper", so I've liked long and tall geometry on my frames (21"TT 13.875" CS 9"SO). That said, I bent my dropouts this summer and ground them down to get a 13.375" CS (slammed) and I like it. So...yeah, 21".

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Depends on the hub, but I've been brakeless for 16 years and haven't broken a hub doing those tricks and others. I've broken hubs doing pegless grinds, though. But, just realized this is about freecoasters and I have little experience with them. I'm ... more »

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I bought this hub from a friend last year after my cassette exploded, just to get me by. It's LHD and I mostly grind on the left (pegless), which caused problems. I got my new cassette in and switched back. So, I lent out the coaster wheel. It made a ... more »

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Regarding the FBM Heart seat, I've been riding mine for about 4 months now and it's amazing. I used to like slimmer seats, I rode 2 Eclat Gonzos over the course of 4 years. But, I've been going with an all FBM setup and the Heart seat has a Kevlar cover, ... more »

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There have been a few times I almost put the bike down for good. I'm so glad I didn't, though. I crashed hard a few years ago, hit my head and ended up giving my bike away because I was barely able to walk properly, let alone ride a bike. Started drinking ... more »

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I use old socks turned inside out and a little water.

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I pretty much suck at I went and made an edit of myself riding in my hometown in Northern British Columbia (one clip from Ontario). Pretty much just a bunch of IG clips, haha. I'm lame. Let me know

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I snapped my lever while riding one day back in highschool, so I just took the whole setup off so I could ride the rest of the day. I couldn't afford a new one right away, so I just rode like that and got used to not having brakes. Everyone thought I ... more »

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I got a custom built by FBM in 2015 and based it on the Bellwitch. I got the chainstays changed to straight 3/4", the seatstays 3/4 -5/8" and got a monostay CS bridge and curved tube SS bridge. Also had them put a headtube badge on and take all brake stuff off. Best damn frame I've ever had. Like you said, it's changed the way I ride.

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Kink Lyras. Where I'm from, we ride mostly concrete....with some wooden ramps and gravel. It's windy as hell and dustier than dried up dogshit. Sometimes, my shoes barely want to stick to the park surfaces, but I've yet to slip out while riding my bike ... more »

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I'm actually in BC. Little town called Chetwynd. I hope to hit up a bunch of the parks in AB soon, though. There are some nice ones all over.

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Not sure if this where this post should go, but this place looks fun as hell. It's only a couple hours from me, I'm definitely planning to hit this soon. Any Canadian riders in the area should check this out. ... more »

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I've been running Éclat parts for the last 4 years, with absolutely no problems with anything I've bought and ridden. They are a pretty reputable brand with "backing", as you say, because they make good shit. But, to sandbag them because of one issue ... more »

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Cool, man. Glad you'll have some good shit to ride, but really...street is what you make of it. I live way the hell out in the sticks, 30 minutes from any type of street stuff. Besides the highway, the nearest paved road is 6 km from me. Yesterday I ... more »

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Look, it's me!

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I need to know where to get this pizza beer! Right now I'm drinking Phillips Brewing Slipstream Ale. Super smooth, unpasteurized, and made in good ol' British Columbia. Best thing is the label is covered in bike parts and there's a pic of Mike Aitken

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