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A while ago my friend tightened up my back wheel and ever since then I can't get it off. Every time I try to loosen the nut, it just moves the axel and loosens my hub. Any help on how to get this off would be great.

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Is there an App for Androids/ iPhones that are like My friend thought there was an app like that to help or be used during a game of bike.

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United Voyage frame is pretty dope. I'd choose ATF for sure though. Fiend team bars are bad ass. 8.75 rise

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Duganator is raw!

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A buddy of mine got a Sunday (lowest priced one) I really enjoyed the bike. I'd recommend a Sunday if you are gonna buy a stock bike!

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Fit, United (What I currently use), Kink

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I'm saying Dirt. Street, you can shred easily just with flat stuff. Park, as you said, flow around most of it. But Dirt, shit you mess up a little, you're gonna wreck pretty good. I've never rode dirt, that shit scares me haha!

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I really dig this, but I agree needs some more colors in general and for tires (like the Cult Dehart tires etc. Maybe like different shades of color for the Frame, bars, fork. Just ideas. Great job on this though, much fun to mess around with when really ... more »

Started new thread 2013 United SU3 build kit 7/2/2013 1:01 AM Is this worth getting as an Amateur rider. What's actually good on it and what hub guards will work for it?

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So Profiles than

Started new thread BSD or Profile Hubs? 6/19/2013 11:03 PM

I'm really digging both brands for hubs, but I don't know what is more worth getting. / ... more »

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Do you guys prefer free coaster over cassette or no. And how do you like them. Also what kind do you have?

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Fit wi-fi?

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Get different grips if you do, I went through united grips in a few days.

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I am finally in need of getting my self a helmet, but I don't know which one feels better or isn't too bulky. ... more »

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I thought Fiend and Animal would be good together.

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The other side of them snapped. :/

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Animal Javelins laced to 7KA's?

Started new thread Is something wrong 5/4/2013 8:45 PM

So I just recently snapped a my of forks. 3rd pair I've gone through in 2 years. My friend said I don't land right, and that doesn't make sense to

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for the first few seconds I thought the player was lagging tongue
dope riding and dope spots wink