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So from my experiences this is what I know. The Vans Ski Hi BMX sneakers are cool. They're comfy. I had no problem with them at all. The Etnies CalliCut were extremely comfy. They're just like old school skate sneakers. I love them but wearing them outside ... more »

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I ride 10in Kink Hulk Bars, the Cult Salvation v4 (32mm rise), & a Merritt Hightop headset cap. Lol. My shits higher than 420 in Colorado. But it helps my back tremendously (unless I try icepicks). It takes a minute to get use to riding high but ... more »

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Going to be completely honest with you. Crankflips with a FC in general are going to be a pain I'm the ass. It's never going to be as fast & smooth as you want. I rode the Final Drive, the Shadow fc, & the Pr1mo free mix & it was all a slow ... more »

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I always cut my bars. I like holding them on the bend. I usually write "grind this side" on my pedals so I don't wear out the top AND bottom. That's usually about it.

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Bet. Come to New Orleans and find me a local shop chief. Lol. Local shops are dying just like indoor parks. Ain't a shop in New Orleans that sell bmx parts. My local shop is empire... 7 hours away. Mail order is a blessing for me & people in my situation. ... more »

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Parents who think their child owns the park. I remember Scotty's mom kicked this lady out (with my mom's help) at the Incline in like 04 for making a scene because her kid was watching instead of riding & she thought we were hogging the park. Scotty's ... more »

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Andrew Faris 180 to fakie whip Ruben Ruben Wall ride, Wall to 540, Rodeo Grinds Butcher Nollie tricks, Switch footed tricks, crank flips Joe Tiseo ice to bar to crankflips over on spines Will Taubin feeble to 180 oppo feeble Brad Simms the highest hops ... more »

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I never really been kicked out. Been stopped by the cops at spots though. Never kicked out. Just stopped & roughed up. But usually I ride shit in the hood soooo.

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I'm surprised no one mentioned Butcher yet. Lol. They use to zoom into that shit. Now that I'm getting comfy with oppo grinds I might start trying switching feet up.

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Unless my homies are on a company my parts are far from uniform. I'm currently running all Merritt parts (except cranks & forks. I love primo powerbytes & Merritt doesn't make forks) because most of my homies ride for them. But I'm wanting to ... more »

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Merritt GFE Pegs, Merritt Justin Care stem, Merritt front & back wheels, Merritt hub guards, Merritt seat post, & Odyssey R32 fork are all from 2017. My S&M Fubars are from that time too but they're not on my bike right now.

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I grew up in the hood so I never had a nice worth stealing UNTIL back in like 96/97 my mom's ex boyfriend gave me a chromed out Diamondback Viper. Shit was legit. I locked in my backyard to run inside & take a shit it was one of those cheap combination ... more »

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My last herniated disc was from a regular ass Feeble. Lol. Not a high one either. Just a Feeble I do everyday.

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Aight. So let me make something clear. I haven't had brakes since 03 when my alloy wheel bent. I understand the Springfield are cheap. But when I was talking to the Empire guys there told me to try them to see if I even want brakes. I hate working on ... more »

Started new thread Brake questions 11/22/2020 9:16 AM

Aight so I just put some Springfields on the cult (yes they're cheap but I hate trying to adjust brake tension springs so I went with the easiest option ever). I got 2 questions: 1) best brake pads in your opinion And 2) back in the day people use to ... more »

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I could be wrong here but I think they upgraded since parts on alot of completes. Like instead of generic shit some completes have actual brand name parts. I could be wrong.

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I understand. Just don't take it personal. I remember I ordered a Merritt Frontload stem from Secret Bike Shop & in the next 2 days, Hurricane Marco & Laura were announced to hit the next week. I panicked & instead of calling them, like I ... more »

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Lol. Don't ever let that read shit go to your head. Most of the time period accidentally glance. I'm guilty of that personally. Shit, I can call Montana Ricky on the phone right now but if I message him on fb he'll most likely click it to clear it out ... more »

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I learned grinds by setting my bike in that position to get use to the feel & balance. Go to like a park bench & set your bike up in the grind you want & get on it. Get comfy with the feeling of it. Then learn how to get out of it because ... more »

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I call every shop I order from & never had any issues like this soooo I'm kinda with that side right now. I'm gonna keep it a buck, shops prefer if you call them. It gets shit done faster. The guys at Empire will usually have a full blown convo with ... more »