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whats your price range? there's alot of nice compleates out there. check out the fit wifi, its one of the best compleates out there. also even though 90% of the people on here hate them, check out vein bmx. they can have some big sales.

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Not trying to brag or anything but one time i wore out a pair of cult vans grips...

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you should ride for bonedeath

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mutiny fo sho

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needs more balance between the skating and biking, seemed like a lot more skating clips. sick though! are the both you?

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just cut off your balls. at least a few oz there

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whats a nice camera for around 300-450, we would be taking videos most of the time so picture quality isnt too important, thanks

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i wanna get decent at street, im pretty good at park and dirt, but i cant do ANYTHING flat.

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get the profile elite, but make sure to take all the grease out and put WD40 in, it makes it way more smooth. and yea pegs are awsome! i would get 4 of them, but don't get hub guards with the profiles, you dont need them.

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i know this has been made before, but i can't find it. can someone please explain the new odyssey forks? how do the different offsets effect riding? thanks!

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riding with friends is the only reason i ride! for me its the freedom and chilling with friends. sure landing a new trick is awesome, but nothings better then the stuff you go through, and all the adventures with your friends.

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[LINK TO IMAGE] here's my bail.

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i dont get how small brands last, unless they have amazing prices or something, almost everyone going to get a big name brand over a new one, especially when there about the same price, goodluck guys.

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Started new thread check this great deal 11/27/2012 10:02 PM the cult frame and forks for $290 plus they have a discount code "42N3" that makes it like $246

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So i went to a dirt jump park awhile back, and they had a section called "pro dirt", this might be a stupid question but what is pro dirt? does it just mean big jumps or is there a certain height or somehing that separates pro dirt...from not pro dirt, ... more »

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