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Thanx I'd like to think so haha

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Brakes! And those answer gloves were the shit.

New thread WTB: 3/8 rear wheel and 21"+ frame preferably Redline, DK etc. 6/24/2012 4:57 PM

Looking for a complete 3/8 back wheel not to worried about the drive on it sealed hubs atleast. And a race style frame preferred but open to options. Just 21" TT or larger no cruisers.

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It was a generalization to any future jackasses that read this thread you meat stick

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Thanx man I need to update my bike check and post new pics up. Put alot of new shit on it since then, that was I got the frame and slapped some shit on it so I could go riding hahaha. But you got a nice ride too man glad to see more people ridin redlines. ... more »

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If you couldn't see the sarcasm in any of these posts you need punched in the kidney till you piss blood

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They make these things called chain tensioners, I kno I know it adds just a tiny fraction of weight how old school of me but u can make very small adjustments and they stay in place go figure haha

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Im still interested in them bars if you still got em

New thread Mid-Atlantic Forum 11/15/2011 12:48 AM

There is no regional forum for the states between the South East and New England WTF???

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Im around your size and have always rocked single and double wall rims (sun, Alex, Odyssey) never had a problem just dont suck keep ur tires properly inflated and learn to land smoothly you'll save weight and money. Us big guys need to save some weight ... more »

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I found one of these in a dumpster one time I think mine was a 98 though

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The whole Shale gas thing has been around forever, the problem was getting to it, they have came up with new technology recently to more easily extract the shale gas. I live in Southwestern Pennsylvania, which also happens to have the Largest Shale gas ... more »

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The worst looking monstrocity I've ever seen

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Yeah this dickbag tosses my 2011 Redline flight pro around like a paper bag hahaha. In his defense though its like going from an abrahms tank to a BMW

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that is epic

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I want those bars!!!!

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Haha I'm probably one of like 3 ppl on here that still ride a Redline, but they always been good to me. I beat the piss out of my old ones used them for trail riding, street riding, Track, and even sketchy ass ramps we built and set up in parking lots/alleys ... more »

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how much for the bars?