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They don’t really exist. Taller bars are inherently heavier yet weaker. Get smaller, lighter bars and a taller stem.

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Roloway, G-Sport has proven themselves over 20+ years. The Seismic is a relatively new concept in BMX so I wouldn't buy it for a few months at least.

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Wow, you're not joking. 3 brands of frames. It's kind of sad but they've been fucking over smaller shops for years.

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My man, you're a grown man getting legitimately offended by internet trolls, VitalBMX trolls at that.

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VitalBMX is now that classroom where the mentally challenged kids are taught, except all the kids are screeching and throwing feces at each other.

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I don't see a downside.

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I'm too lazy to do these anymore.
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How many times do we have to teach you this lesson, old man?

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I haven't stepped on a bike for over a year, is this what Topsey felt like?

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Ah yes, a stronger economy, where the effects are felt by <1% of people and the poor and ignorant continue to think immigrants and brown people are why their lives suck.

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Chainstay measurements are never even close to exact because chain length varies. It depends on many variables, especially chain stretch. The whole "25-9/28-9 results in a 13.25 chainstay" thing is bullshit. This probably isn't a problem with the frame. ... more »

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Leaving out ~4,000 gun deaths sure makes 5577 seem a lot less than 9500. Plus, your figure on deaths due to medical errors is about double the actual figure: ... more »

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You guys are acting like Ronnie is something new, his brain cells died years ago.

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I believe he is referring to seat/post combos, rather than frames with integrated posts. Pretty much all combo seats have the same angle. He says you should find the angle you like and get a combo seat with that angle, which isn't possible. Manufacturing ... more »

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Pivotal is absolutely not heavy, the difference in weight is tiny. If your seat keeps getting loose, you're doing it wrong. That shouldn't happen. Tripod posts have a useless change in thickness near the top, which is prone to breaking (Seriously, I've ... more »

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When I was in like 5th grade a kid got stabbed in the leg with his bars at the trails. Bar ends save lives.

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Does Laird still force customers to use the idiotic plate stay bridges? I've been thinking of getting a custom eventually and I won't even consider Laird until you can request tube bridges or wishbones.

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You won't have to touch that wheel for years. My Tree hubs are on Birdcages, which are quite a bit weaker than Ribcages, and they've been completely solid. Straight pull is legit.

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The Roloway has significantly bigger bearings, an updated driver, and an improved manufacturing process. Very similar though.

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Dark mode only saves power on OLED screens, and even then dark mode barely has an impact. Most dark modes aren't true black, so you're not taking full advantage of it. And then if it was true black, you'll run into smearing when scrolling. But dark mode ... more »