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White. Mostly because I dislike tan lol. It's your choice though.

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What pedal is it? Are you turning it the right way? Right pedal turn left to loosen. Left pedal turn right to loosen. Try applying heat. Next time put copper grease on the threads.

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Is this not just speculation by the media? They announce the iPhone 5 tomorrow. Pre-orders would be sim only if it's sent out within 2 days as I've contacted my phone provider yestarday because I want to upgrade as I tore my digitiser cable and they ... more »

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There's a distinct bumdance of nievety in this thread. Lighter doesn't mean weaker. Look at titanium for example. My bike is about 25lbs. I'd prefer it to be around the 20 mark just for manouverability. It's personal preference. If people want to be ... more »

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Video would have been better lol.

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I'm 6'3".

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Because they're better than you

lol. I'd take the girl of my dreams out on my bike lol. OP - girls don't take over your life you're just letting them. My girl doesn't mind me doing anything I want - except another girl lol. ... more »
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Use your left foot also lol. Or hills you could sit and then cup the front tyre with the inside of both shoes. That may slow you down a bit more, obviously don't do this whilst you are turning. ** Disclaimer ** I am not responsible if you fuck your shit ... more »

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Wowzers those shoes are fucking beast! I want a pair of the healies so I can do both! Imagine walking down the street and then you just go WHACK and pop out the wheels and start horsing it towards a rail and everyones like "haha this is one for YouTube" ... more »

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Looks cool but f**k carrying that all around on a bike let-alone a skateboard! lol.

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Got an iPad? Not sure if RideBMX is on there however take a look as normally you get to flick through them before you purchase.

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Why'd you not call the police? Isn't that a felony in America?

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They look pretty beast!

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Did you steal this and spray it from black to blue in the Plainfield, CT USA area?

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Fucking big garage lol. Sounds like you were rustling tin foil lol. Nice move

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Second edit is much better. Shaky shit isn't good. I personally don't really like talking in edits. Takes the focus off the purpose of the video which is riding. Putting in stuff like missing the manual at the end is pointless and if I was using a scoring

... more »
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I have OCD and it affects my life not my riding. Even right now as I type this I want to delete it because I'm worried about talking about this kind of stuff but I'm getting over mine. Everyone has minor levels of OCD however the difference is a person ... more »

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Looks not bad. Weird thing is that it looks like it's a UK filmed movie but then they spoke haha! Not seen Street Dreams either but I've just found it on YouTube - the whole movie! Before You Ask! Lol

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I've got a back brake only until I learn proper control of the bike in parks on verts etc. After that it'll probably come off unless I can find a machine shop that will drill and tap gyro holes on my frame.