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Most deff And spraying out gunk and grime on your chain/chainwheel/driver etc. One of the most essential tools in our shop.

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I wanna see a 180 toothpick onto a rail, 180 out.

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In your bottom bracket between the bearings, there is supposed to be a spacer that spans from one bearing to the next.

That spacer is there to keep the bearings from seizing up if you over tighten your spindle bolt. If that spacer isn't there ... more »
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It snowed yesterday, but no we don't get much snow at all. At least in western Washington. Head east over the mountains and you got your self that cold dry snow. And lots of it.

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a Swedish Lie

Checked out some of your footage. Shits dope. I like you're style. I think my fave was the ice to 180 on the rail. Keep it up man.

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Stolen barrels no guards. Ice's are just like manuals. The less resistance the better weather that means wax, PC pegs, or a down rail/ledge. I've found the faster I go not only the further I slide by also the longer I'm in the grind because as you slow ... more »

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Bought my first bike at my lbs when I was 14/15 they were pretty cool to me. Helped me work on my bike for free n shit. Bought one hub on danscomp, brought it to the shop to get helped gettin it laced and wanted 40 bucks. That was the last thing I bought ... more »

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Definitely dope. Especially parts for whole sale.

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Rode bike to work, was asked to stay late, leave right as suns going down ( still perfectly light out but would have brought my light had i know i would be there late) cops flash me, tell me i can't ride with out lights, i explained the situation, told ... more »

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Yeah we get all the tweakers on their Bmx bikes wanting shit for free and wanting to sell us their Bmx with a "nice three piece crank"... Please!. And even building completes isn't the best unless they're sig series. All I like to do is build wheels ... more »

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What's your frame geo? I've never seen someone three like that?

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What he said. Look for inflated width.

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How does the stem sit on the steer tube of the forks? You should have enough spacers so the top of the steer tube is slightly below the top if the stem, like a couple mm's.

Tighten the top cap bolt first but only enough to where there's no ... more »
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Yeah I went and looked it up. I wonder how much they discount you for the crash replacement. I guess its better than nothing but definitely changes how I feel about s&m. so is Fits' 4130 stuff under the same warranty? I'm going to have to start looking ... more »

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But then cover with a clear coat of something or else it will rust again.

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If you can't keep it up, hump something. I'd start with your seat.

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That's really gay... Nothing is anymore? How long is it?

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S&m pitchforks xlt. Strong, light, lifetime warranty, made in the USA.

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Just build the wheel. Good luck finding a complete wheel ( which is what I think you meant by rim) in the colors you want. Many hubs come in red and many rims come in red and black spokes are probably the most common color. Many sites will build your ... more »

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Check the headset, make sure the cap for your fork is tightened and there are enough spacers.