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Hump your seat. For about a month strait. You'll get it. The closer your ass is to your back tire the lower your front tire can be. It's not about getting the front end up, its about balancing over the pivot point of your back tire... And I'm pretty ... more »

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Tight spots in your chain is something that is going to happen. Sucks that its right off the bat, but if it didnt come like that it was bound to happen after riding it a while. The chain and sprocket naturally stretch and go out of shape. Like a couple ... more »

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I feel your pain. It's annoying as crap. Especially since its a new bike. Where did you get it and who assembled it? Completes have a tendency to have that issue but normally it develops over time. If your sprocket is just stamped aluminum instead of ... more »

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If you have ever had your cranks pop or shift while pedaling and it bugs the piss out of you. Get a spline drive setup. Super stiff. A good pair of 48 spline cranks will take a lot of beating before they wear out and get slop. If at all. Definitely a ... more »

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Yeah a little more speed. But like dude said find a paved surface angling up even slightly like a driveway up a sidewalk, but carve hard, hop, keep your head lookin at your back axle bolts and your knees bent till you are facing forward. As soon as you ... more »

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I am right footed, and have always rode left foot forward pegs on the left. But when I started riding,I would do 180 and lazy 3 left, but would only get a couple inches off the the ground. And both front and back tires would be the same height the whole ... more »