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You might be right about the break thing. I Loosely read this thread but I know that the alienation deviant rim advertises that they are front wheel only and do not have a breaking surface and not to use breaks on them. The premium rim, which is very ... more »

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Ya it will feel like you have a super bad tight spot on your sprocket. I did that once. Just one link though.

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basically the same way you bonny hop higher, only you have to time it perfect so your foot has the right leverage and you've turned the bars the right amount at the right time to give you the right amount of initial spin. Pull longer, if that makes any ... more »

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Yeah a little over bar height, but I can always hop onto higher things than I can hop over. I land on my front tire first and kinda push forward almost trying to nose wheely to bring my back wheel up all the way.

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Chainstay/chain length, changes the balance point for manuals and hopping in general

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Ya I've had interlocks that lasted a while but when I switched back to a full link, I was surprised at how smooth it was, guess I had forgot. Bluebird is what I'm running now and I love it.

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No you put in like a special rim strip and the tire has a valve stem and you just fill it up with air. Cars use them, mountain bikes use them but I don't know how much pressure they hold. Not sure they'd work best for park n street but I'm sure they ... more »

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Which part is "bullshit"?

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Most front hubs are 186 ish

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Fuck em. How will they know where you went. We used to ride miles to get to buses to sit on them for hours to get to other cities like Seattle. I rode 30 miles on my 25/9 home from Seattle at like 10 pm and didn't get home till like 6 in the morning. ... more »

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I understand why u brakes are all that will work because of clearance. It would just be nice to see other options, different innovations. It would be cool to figure out a way to get a disk break system on a BMX without it being vulnerable to damage from ... more »

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What's it retail for? I like the geo.

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Just ride it. Idk about welding it but its a small hole. My buddies used to drill massive holes all through their shit and the worst that happened was they broke to frame. If you think its already broke why not ride it. Can't get worse?

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I feel it. U brakes are soo weak. I would run v brakes all day if they would fit on any non race frames. Maybe some day. Anyone know why they use the shittiest style of breaks still? Maybe cause of durability or less slop when doing tricks?

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K then get a new frame?? Or you ride it till it brakes. But it sound like you got your mind made up have fun.

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I would not get that. You could get a bike that's used and scratched for that price but at least with decent parts. The frame is crap. You want something with at least some chromoly, and integrated head tube. Same with forks, hi-tensil steel is heavier ... more »

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He's right, you are fine. I've ridden a frame for a couple weeks that was cracked on the bottom part of the dt\ht weld to the point you could hear it creaking with every pedal. But how much do you weigh and how many stairs do you 180/360 regularly?

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I've run brakes and not run them. I go back and forth, but like someone said, without brakes, I tend to go faster, have more flow and commit more. I think I like running no brakes more just for that reason. But ill throw them on if I hit some trails ... more »

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Either one sounds about right. Thanks ill check that out. I was just watching some skater 180nosegrind 180'out on this rail an thought it was dope. Wanna try it on my bike now :D