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Well on a lighter note......I have 08' Eastern Traildigger that has been put through hell not only by me but the other 5 riders who owned it before me. Frame,forks,crank,and front wheel stock and still kickin. I bought it for 50 bucks used.....and it ... more »

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The zip tie is pretty genius,but I've always used windex wituh no fail.

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Gonna be around Orlando Fl. The next few days.....any good spots around there I should check out.

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Have you contacted vein's customer service. From my experience I'm sure they would help you out.

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Yea man I feel your pain. My trick list is a joke, but I do go big on jumps. Although at first gaps scared the shiz outta me! I was always think about what happens if I come up short? And finally getting the balls to try em and actually coming up short ... more »

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What it all boils down to is Vein has become somewhat popular by having good products,great prices and good service. So these other companies want to sell their products on their site because of all the traffic it recieves on a daily basis. Now wouldn't ... more »

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My friend has odi's and their really nice,and as for hating on the Ross grips I wouldn't ever pay 12 bucks for something just to hate on em. Just honestly didn't like all.

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I have probably tried about 5 or 6 different pairs of grips before finding the right ones for me. Started with Chase Hawks.....hated them....then shadow nice and grippy but too damn long (i ride cut bars)....colony much rooms.....not bad but kinda slippy....then ... more »

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Yea,there is no doubt the model c is the best thing out there.....but I don't like the AM or the EX. I would love to run across a model c pro in my price range but everything I have found is 750 and up. Little too steep,but the Saint has similar geo. ... more »

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21 should be fine, im 6ft 1 and feel really comfortable on my savior. I have an eatern thats on 20.5 and is a little cramped but I still manage.

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Do you mean panama city?

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He's 6~2 and about 195 lbs, and he's only about an inch taller than he was when he stopped riding. But the geo. Of todays bikes are a lot different than they were 80's and 90's. He was mainly a street/dirt guy, with the occasional halfpipe sessions. ... more »

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I have the Aitken p~lytes and they are by far the best tires I have owned. Good for dirt,street,and park.....nice and grippy.

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Too loose is not good and neither is too tight. Your chain should have just a little play in it where when you turn your crank there shouldn't be any tension it should be nice and smooth. Too loose and you get the chain banging on the frame plus it puts ... more »

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Sledge hammer should do the trick.

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Well its gonna be surprise for him,and I don't know how he feels about the 26. But I know he has been browsing and searching the 24s a lot lately. But now I'm crossed between 2 of them. The mirraco and the stolen. I think I might get the stolen because ... more »

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I think im gonna go with the mirraco 24........even though my dad isn't a youngster anymore he still goes pretty hard so with the chromoly frame I think it should hold up for him.

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Been lookin for a good 24 for my dad,he is in love with the Model C.....the older ones not the AM. But he also likes the Stolen Saint. I checked with Vein to see if they were gonna start selling 24's but they aren't but will have a 26 in the near future. ... more »

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Ahhhhh......good shit.......thanks.

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Looking to get a 24" and have really fallen in love with the Model C,and just missed one on Craigslist for $150.......doh! But I have spotted a couple of Haro's in my price range. Anybody got some Intel on those?

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