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Check also that your chain isn't too loose,that make it pop too.

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Guerra martyr frame......20.7 5 is on sale right now. Only 3.8 lbs I think

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I have two friends who both have the Archos,which is pretty much the same as the sanctum and I have the Savior. Other than mine being a little lighter there isn't any difference. Plus you get the p~lyte those tires!

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Shadow conspiracy 138's flangeless

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It would be great if a mod could just delete this thread, I thought maybe through all the shiz being talked that there would be at least one informative or helpful comment. But it seems to be useless.

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Love the sarcasm guys. But the truth is the eastern I bought myself and the Amber was a graduation gift. And this new bike will be paid for with my own blood and sweat working with my grandad (landscaping). So I know i may have come off like a spoiled ... more »

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Nah I like keeping 2 bikes at my pops house because I have a lot more spots (both dirt and street) to ride. So o keep brakes on my eastern for dirt and none on the Amber for street. Plus I don't have to worry about any matienence,because he keeps them ... more »

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Amber Savior.......21" full chromoly frame and tons of aftermarket goodness!

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Amber Savior 21" Full Chromoly

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It's almost time to get something new. I already have two great bikes,I have a 2008 Eastern Traildigger and an Amber Savior. But both of those are at my dads house. So I wanted to get something for my house. I'm thinking about either a Fit or a Verde ... more »

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Amber Savior Bike
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Fear no more......I have arrived!

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