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Those aren't bad at all. Just go for that front foot. When you whip your pedal should come right to your front foot. Once you get that foot on get your other leg over and just pinch everything. Good luck

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Resi is pretty nice. The one I ride most of the time is fairly hard but the nice thing is that you can slide on it nicely. I've looked at that website a bit too and i think it's pretty expensive material.

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If you're talking about the urban kreation jeans then they are ok. The only thing is that they are really thick and can get pretty hot. You also are not supposed to machine dry them so you have to air dry them which takes a while. But they are stretchy ... more »

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Hey, I was looking for new forks but the ones I want have a 30mm offset and right now I am running a 32mm offset. Will I really even notice the 2mm difference?

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I have the snafu pedals right now and haven't had any issues with them. They still spin smooth and haven't had any issues with them bending. i do like how those xpedo ones look though. Any of those pedals should be good but I haven't ridden the others ... more »

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Get some Tioga powerblocks I've been running them for almost a year down and they are holding up perfect. They have very thin side walls, so if you grind probably not the best idea. If not maxiss grifters are pretty light and I've heard good things about them.

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I know this really isn't the right section to be talking about trading with you but could you post some pictures of the sweet tooth. I've got a fly lago that I might be willing to trade if you're interested.

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You can see most of it on redbull or here

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This One.

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Winters suck for riding. I've been going to the skatepark like every 2 weeks. Other than that I just lurk on vital and watch edits multiple times. Other than watching edits I would say to just think about riding and plan out your year. Like come up with ... more »

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I was just wondering what they best way to cut it is and what to use? Also I ordered a gyro set up and the barrel adjusters that came with the upper cables don't fit into the upper plate, why is this?

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so I got dual lower cables and got the London mod set up and everything else I just can't figure out how to mount the cable to the brake calipers. I have a knarp type thing to put on it but I don't know how it is supposed to go on. Pics would be nice. ... more »

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I think lakias are the only things I will be riding now. I tried some vans I loved the grip but ripped them up the middle of the sole in like 3 weeks, the bottoms just not a hard enough compound. The lakias grip even better than the vans and have a hard ... more »