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Now sold thanks

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whats up guys ebay doesn't seem to be working nor pinkbike so trying vital to finally get her to a new home. Honestly i built this bike to ride to work on as it was minutes from my house and as i was living with my parents at the time had cash to spare ... more »

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yeah the stickers do suck bad, united seem to think there good though...

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He's got his own bike shop. I'm sure Scotty is smart enough to plan ahead.

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Contest's pay a lot and he also owns a pretty big bike shop so it must add up. The 02 GTR R34 is so much nicer looking.

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great grips


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He must have been kicked of the team as you would have to be mad to leave them. They make the strongest jeans money can buy and the kevlar lining does work.

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OMG that 1080 over the spine was SMOOTH!!! the whole thing was crazy though

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lol barspin master, the guy did busdrivers...

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we don't say fawks..... we say forks....
we're not retarded

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see this is why harry main shouldn't do how to's:

Rotating the bars and spinning them are two different things.
Chris Moeller, did the first busdriver back in 1989. The reason he called it a bus driver is because at the time the tour van he was in was a VW bus and the trick looked like someone doing a U-turn with that big flat steering wheel. I'm pretty sure that by inventing a tick, he gets to name it. And oh yeah, he also owns S&M Bikes, so I'm pretty sure this is a credible source. The trick was actually an extension of and came from one-handed x-ups. The bar spin was later done around 1992-1993, and was named as such because the new version let the bars "spin" freely and unguided.

I understand that the Bus driver has been slowly renamed the bar spin, but that's just simply the result of an awful lot of ignorant riders having no clue what trick they are in fact doing. Go Google image search "one handed x-up", then Google image search "BMX Busdriver". Tell me they don't look exactly the same.

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Does anyone know the length of the gdh spindle that comes with madera protocol cranks?