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i'd keep the airsoft and trade the paintball and the cameras. or i'd save up/sell my shit and buy a real pit bike. like a honda. trust me, ive had like 4 50's in the past. you want a honda. its really important that the engine case says honda. start ... more »

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my 91 300zx is only $70 a month. i thought it was gonna be so much more.

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drag me to hell is pretty good

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back pain is serious shit man. you don't wanna fuck something up and hurt for the rest of your life. go see a chiropractor and see if they can fix it. should only be like 10 bucks if you got insurance. you might have pinched a nerve and it hasn't healed. ... more »

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i never get flats and i only run like 50psi. hit the rim all the time and never pinch. its weird... but slime don't work for shit. what kinda flats you getting? pinches or punctures? for pinches try higher psi or learn how to land smoother and for punctures ... more »

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jc/pc are sick as fuck. metal pins but what ever. i like em cause they dont got bearings. they grip good and they dont make loud noises when you drop your bike. they last forever too. those ezra flats look super dope though. never tried em. probably ... more »

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beat on it with a hammer.

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i did mine in my dads big ass ford diesel. it didnt fit in the parking stalls they had me park in and parallel parking it was a bitch. i didnt even get it into the stall all the way and the officer shouted at me cause my tow hitch was getting pretty ... more »

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you over tightened the bolts. or you do huge drops to flat. nothings indestructible. learn to tighten your bolts correctly and start riding smoother and your bike will greatly appreciate it. good article, how tight is tight?

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every get a mcchicken with chipotle bbq instead of mayo? its bomb.. and still $1 i fucking live off the doller menu. its terrible. if my car ran i would hit it up right now.

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$1 fucking win.

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fixing my 300zx cause it always breaks. FML motocross surfing driving my car when it does run sleeping airsoft is pretty fun snowboard fishing

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haha yea i teach surf lessons. its super fun. flirt with hotties and catch waves all day long. its pretty cool when i teach some one and they start ripping. makes me feel all warm and fuzzy inside. ahaha stupid people, ugly people and fat people are ... more »

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i have a crush on every pretty girl i see. i wanna bury it deep in EVERY SINGLE ONE of them. maybe its not a crush but yea.... also, my job has incredible perks. like getting ass shoved in my face all day long. it can be gross though cause i don't exactly ... more »

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yea it does! why was no one riding it? you'd never get me outta that thing. and some off those hips look sooo fun. cool park, sick edit, awesome tricks. props!!

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really fucked my highschool years up. freshman year was all about water ballons and seeing how much trouble we could cause. made lots of friends and lots of enemys. by sophmore year i was a little more chill but not much. still put banana peels on the ... more »

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i have seen plenty of white kids with clean dreads. the dreads can be nice but the image just doesn't seem right. im too used to seeing ratty ass rastas with dreads down to their waist. but if your down with it, go for it!

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dreads are fucking gross. even if you do keep them "clean". i think they look like shit on white people. hope your not white... just saying..

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a 240sx with a sr20 built right. or a 300zx. i have the 300zx i just need to put about $5000 into it and it will be sick as fuck. or a sti built by crawford performance. or a tacoma built for going really fast over everything. or a ariel atom v8. i like ... more »

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what the fuck you littering for? dick. but yes that guy is power tripping for sure. does he have the authority to ban people? i'd tell him to fuck off and keep riding.