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The rectangle made by your torso top tube arms and bars becomes more powerful the larger it you want the longest frame and the highest bars. And most importantly the lengthiest torso. I’m 6 2 on a 21.5 with 9.5 bars and boy howdy if I woke up ... more »

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Thanks brother

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Not today but the first feeble was a few weeks ago, second at same spot from the top was from a year ago when I was feelin wild n free n brimming with angst, third is from about a month ago, pedal feeb then hopped over into the dusty brick bank

... more »
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I ran an s&m guard sprocket 28t for two years, was very rough on it and never broke a chain just running typical kmc’s...I just retired it for a Merritt pentaguard 25t...they both have square teeth and come up above the chain for protection an ample ... more »

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I’m feeling you mate as I went through a similar thing before I started riding participating in Greek life, wasn’t in the frat technically but was a well worn and familiar friend. If you regularly handle cylindrical pieces of varying thicknesses the ... more »

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Why even do a review like this? Why even continue to ride a bike like this? Tearfully limp, it’s not going to work for you like this. So as we understand this REVIEW! lets us know an established company that does research and testing have made a hub ... more »

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I did smiff grind and ride a custom I made from two low end completes and aftermarket pedals grips and seat. I’d recommend it but it’s a one of a kind custom sorry. Definitely get something made of metal, preferably something hard and shiny.

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Yeah bro I feel you on that I want to see more of the shapes on these torqued ass dudes too I really am hoping n’ wishing that tighter fitting bottoms get hot again because dudes need to be lookin cute when they ride like wtf u on bruh show me what it ... more »

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I hate it when people are all like judgey and take bettering themselves seriously, like I’m out here because I like buying bicycle parts and the idea of an edgy hobby appeals to me. I only ride with others who have the faith (christian or kick off!) ... more »

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Crankflips are good when the gap/air is already sufficiently rad but are literally the worst thing ever when done barely off the ground landing front wheel first on level ground.

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Las vegas is probably a street wonderland. There has got to be all kinds of unique and novelty structure to ride...

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If you're hating on bonedeth then it's just not for you, they are awesome riders doing their own thing and it is something no one else's more than just roof drops too, some of the most progressive riding in bmx...and people are complaining ... more »

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I had been riding animal glhs in 2.1 for about 6 months and they were great. ....about 3 weeks ago I went to the animal/t1 tires in 2.4 front and back, and it is definitely a totally different feel; they are definitely less responsive and make your ride ... more »

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Put on some 9.5s with a topload on a 21 inch tt rear at about 13.8 frame and did not like it, disrupted body-bike connection and I couldn't get comfortable with it...went back to my 9 rise I had been running and this time with a frontload so this was ... more »

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What do you guys think about a local shop that is primarily a road bike and mountain bike store owned and run by a roadie with a smallish section of good current bmx product that is not part of a national chain? I bought some bars (hoder skyhighs in ... more »

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dubble post got too excited talking about castration

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Sean burns ripped his dick falling off the back and getting sucked into his seatstays, read about it onilne in an interview...said he had to get it partially reattached and had to do dick lifts with rolled up towels for months per doctors orders to get ... more »

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the best moments riding happen when you're a few hours into a session and it's hot but you're wearing good loose clothes and you don't have any bag or anything in your pockets. Less heavily anchored to the material so you can ride how your mind knows ... more »