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Worst thing for me is when I can't get my hops right for whatever reason (sometimes I just can't get the front high enough in time for the pop, other times my legs stay stiff and my back end stays down in a stupid 1 foot pogo stick hop instead of a nice ... more »

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Wallride last night in a dowtown lousville parking structure
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Do not get a 22 you've ridden a bmx before too a regular 20 with a 21.5 tt and 10 rise bars with a topload will suit you fine. Cranks just go with some 175mm length the fit indent 24s are really simple and solid. If I were you I'd get the s&m between ... more »

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A 20 in tt will be just fine but I don't think you should get low 7.5ish bars, that will just give you less leverage. Some 9 inch rise bars will help tremendously in picking the bike up and won't be ridiculously high even at your height. The higher bars ... more »

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Bmx isn't about riding a bicycle in a fancy way it's about improving yourself and figuring out how to balance give and take and properly assess risk and reward to celebrate the specialness and uniqueness of having a separate physical body in a reality ... more »

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Snapping forks is like my worst nightmare...what's your weight and what kinda riding do you do to be snapping forks once a year and what kind of forks have you snapped? I just swapped out some federal forks for some wtp even though the federals are still ... more »

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I don't like grinding at skateparks as much because everything has a metal edge and is waxed so everything is slippery and you fall faster and more unexpectedly compared to rougher concrete where you can almost grip onto the edges with your pegs...but ... more »

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On the topic of injuries one week ago I crashed and caught a bar end viciously into my thigh, have plastic bar ends so was not impaled but blunt force swelled up to about a baseball sized lump (the diamater, the swelling is about 3/4 of ... more »

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grinding with plastic pegs is like fucking a sex doll with a condom on. Also you know stranger parts are somehow (somehow because I assumed all parts from overseas were pretty much the same since they're made in the same factories with the same materials) ... more »

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oppo feebs to easy out from last

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Awesome, sounds like you've got a solid course mapped out to get you to where you need to be. Update us on your condition as you try things out because we're all hurting in similar ways and none of us are willing to give up on our bodies yet.

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I had a grinding going on that I thought was coming from my bottom bracket but ended up being in my back wheel, the driver was all crunchy because i was running a too tight chain for a week or so (beginner and had read that it was ok to install a chain ... more »

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Just ride whenever and wherever you want. If you get self conscience tell yourself the only people passing negative judgement on you are people that don't understand what you are doing, and the opinion of the kind of person that gets mad or doesn't like ... more »

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Gain flexibility in the hips and the lower back. The key is the psoa muscle. Just look it up on any new age female oriented yoga site that comes up when you research the psoa, and do the excercises and stretches while really focusing and envisioning ... more »

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He's not wrong for feeling disappointed that he didn't get the headtube shape he was expecting but he is a little bitch for creating a thread to complain about and try to damage the reputation of a rider owned and operated business when the issue was ... more »

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You might want to quit riding to protect yourself from such injustices in the future. Until then just order from dans they are run closer to a walmart which will probably suit your ideals and expectations.

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