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Words of wisdom.

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In the history books. Jokes aside I don't actually know of any mail-orders that have a variety of stock. Why are you looking into a railed seat anyways may I ask?

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I do. Go to a gym explain to them what you want to work on and they'll make you a workout plan that is ideal fro what you're aiming at. To build chest it's what Soulrebelrastaman said, can't think of a more accurate description. Juts keep in mind even ... more »

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Ur friend iz a kriminal OMG banned banned banned WoW such loud, much Hub verry engaggmont.

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There's a special place in hell for people like you HardBMX_Tim.

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Is it just me or those directors look a little too bent?

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Mutiny Once Upon a Time is probably one of my personal favorites. Otherwise Simone Barraco welcome to the pro Subrosa edit.

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Yes P-Lyte is the way to go no questions asked.

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That's an okay price for a free coaster.

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I brought my friend with benefits/kind of relationship with me a few times she's very supportive about what I do. And if I fall she drags me back up

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Can't wait to see this build.

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Man I'm not gonna lie, just get some new cranks. Try to survive with these for a little more and juts buy some new ones. Look into Subrosa Bitchin's and Odyssey Thunderbolts. Both great cranks.

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Rode an S&M Redneck for over a year and was very happy with it. Just decided I wanted some more rise so got a Fit Sky Top with a 55mm reach, got used to ti within a few sessions. I think as long as it somewhat comfortable you'll get used to anything ... more »

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AK uses two Primo DSG's on both drive and non drive side, if it works for the man himself I'm sure it will work for you.

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Always love raw bikes, definitely not disappointed.

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Holy shit this is one hell of a sexy ride, was so close to get a Marv ended up getting the Wifi. Beast.

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This is so beats, saw this before just never commented on it, pure beauty. (If it was me I'd adjust the bar angle but that's personal preference so up to you

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Not too fond of them I do them to mess around on boxes, I never actually tried to do a proper one on something high. I'm guessing stem height is the highest I did.

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I know AK uses the primo DSG on both sides so that works for sure. Have no idea about the Shadow. I would look into the S&M one too if you want a universal guard because it's chromoly.