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just got Its on the way i cant wait !

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Need a new bmx Returning after 15 years . Budget is under £500 I'm 6 ft tall so what size do I need? and if you guys could use chain reaction site to link me the bikes you suggest i would be greatfull. I have a buddy that works there and he can get me ... more »

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Thanks for all the replys guys . Ok plan is to scrap this old bike and buy new . I have a budget of £350-400 what wold be the best bang for buck ? I'm 6 ft tall if that matters in terms of tube length . Please give suggestions .

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Just bought second hand for under £100 . It's been 15 years since I owned a bmx and wanted a project now I'm old and have money lol Any suggestions on how to improve this bike good enough so it half decent ? It's ... more »

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Need advice !
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7/10/2018 3:28 PM