kingshawty12 left a comment 9/11/2010 8:33 PM

juaquins a cool dude, i was just a little pissed that night, but juaquin is legit...

lasvegaspoolshark left a comment 9/10/2010 7:45 PM

and just to let you know ive helped more kids rto ide then ever meet in your fucking life.

lasvegaspoolshark left a comment 9/10/2010 7:42 PM

who the fuck is your cuz fool????????????
you better check your self none of my shit is stolen.
I worked at bike for the last ten years of my life.
who the fuck are you apple jacks?
Im juaquin silva I ride for S&M look me up!
before more shit falls out your mouth.

Added reply in a thread wtf is up with this! HELP!!!! 9/10/2010 4:23 PM

wtf is right quit buying shit from this fool its all stolen my cuz bought shit from him and got beatn down by the guy he took it from. im comn to vegas next month he best be hidin in 1 those pools