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I rode my friends sunday with Thunderbolts (22s) and I could feel a difference, the 22s didn't flex when pedaling. you could get the bike up to speed for a short-run gap easier and faster. it felt like it was more solid all around, but especially when ... more »

Started new thread can you helicoil BMX crank/pedal threads? 3/19/2015 10:18 AM

the pedal threads on my Stolen 2.5 cranks are so stripped that I tapping them doesn't work anymore. Can you put a helicoil type of thread insert in bmx cranks?

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Started new thread 19mm vs. 22mm spindle 3/18/2015 12:14 AM

can you feel a difference between the two? is it worth it to go to the 22s?

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the under 15 crowd prefers to ride parks because that is their version of the bar scene. They go there to meet up with their homies, and there is always a couple girls hanging around too. they do more chilling than riding sometimes

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I don't know about all parks in Nevada but the ones I rode in Las Vegas were super super slippery. like you were peeling out just pedaling.

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you know what it is with parents is this: they know you probably wont get messed with or hurt. they just don't want to have to worry about you when you are gone. Its selfish of parents. all you can do is lie and go anyway

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hopefully a lot lighter than Perfect 10s. and I think 4 degs is almost too much. I got some Mac's cuz I wanted that 4 degrees but I don't like em after all. I do like 3 deg and I hate 1 degree bars

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I took a big slam street riding doing a hop over a rail and clipped my back wheel on the way up at speed. I was sliding on my face before I could even get my hands up. anyway. got a black eye with 5 stitches and messed up ribs and bunches of scabs. Of ... more »

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yeah I forgot how I switched mine over..then I remembered. I was trippin' about the pawl and spring. that's why I edited my post I was wrong.

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what about the seal is it fucked up

Started new thread hub parts question 9/19/2013 7:56 PM

I have a Redline Device hub and the pawl spring clip broke. I see that Dan's has a pawl spring clip from Odyssey for sale. I wonder if I can use that Odyssey clip? are pawl spring clips universal size on bmx hubs?

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why does the 20.9 and 21.25 inch TT hickerson frames have a 13.75 CS? it should be 13.25-13.5. That's what I would want. maybe not you.

Started new thread did a footjam and 7/31/2013 8:16 PM

the sole of my vans chunked while doing it. when I picked my foot up off the tire I saw a pretty big piece of bark or something there, whatever, and then I figured out it was a piece of the sole of my shoe wtf! they were the vans cult mids with a lot ... more »

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it would be nice to have a custom offset or steering tube length. couldn't they do that for 2 hundo? but still I bought pitchfork xlts for my wtp warriors. they are light and heat treated and a fair price at like $130. fucc yeah to the fact they were ... more »

Started new thread 2 of the best DVDs lately are... 6/6/2013 11:14 AM

Free. The new BSD and Kink Squash It videos are better than any of the last 5 videos I have paid for.

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That is tight. someone at albes has some personality.

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I see a lot of adults riding BMX bikes (almost always chrome) by my work. They are riding for transportation because they have no money or they have a DUI and no license. These fools run brakeless, only cuz they cant afford 'em

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HAHA dude I bought Dr feelgood when it came out i was in like 5th grade. me and my buddy thought we were so tough cuz other kids listened to Milli Vanilli and shit

Added reply in a thread New Vs. Old Rap 1/18/2013 1:57 PM

80s rap is OK but the 90's was when rap started to get good with Wu tang, Nas, and shit like Freestyle Fellowship. A seriously dope album is The Genius/GZA's Liquid Swords. every track is a banger and the music is damn dark sounding, pretty badass. None ... more »

Added a comment about photo Sierra Nevada Bike Station 1/12/2013 10:00 AM
Sierra Nevada Bike Station

tiiight...ride to the brewery, hit spots along the way, then get faded at the brewery on their excellent beer. then tune up your bikes all drunk what a great time.

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