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Gee willikers!

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Ty Morrow is one of my new heros. The first edit was amazing, and this one is dope, too. Watching dudes shred like this is what makes me wanna keep riding.

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My name is Alex, my friends call me AV, and I think I would be a good pick for this shiznit because unlike all the other people on bikes out there, I've never had a chance to ride Woodward or any kind of amazing parks/spot. I'm from a small town, and we never had much exposure or opportunity come our way. I used to dream of being pro, but now almost 8 years down the road, I'm just trying to make a good life for myself and keep riding in it as much as I can. Rob Darden inspired me to learn double whips way back when he was doing them on the CFB and Dave Mirra tour, even though it resulted in me permanently destroying my ankle. I got them, though, haha. One last thing: I know these Greenville dudes know how to party, and I'm way down for that. So fly my friend and me out there and let's shred and get rowdy! RAF.

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The title says 1 hour, but it was more like 20 minutes. This was shot in April. It might not be much, but it's all my friends will do for me, haha.

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I'm not sure how long ago you posted that comment, but yeah, all the pictures I have on my profile are me. I'm no phony, haha

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lil lucky lee!

loving the glowing bike it looks cool lol