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Smanged all day and voted

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OK heres a simpler question for ya is it ok to buy a house or isnt it would i be smart to right now or wait a couple years

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HArd to do when the LBS of some towns suck and they dont know what there doing

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The housing market

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Well when this nation spends money on things matter to make the world a bit safer then they should spend it not like what they spendit on now we wouldnt be trillons in debt if the shit we spend money on was fo rsomething tht was nessisary

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Has the market gone up again. I haven't looked in on it

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no just annoyed

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Ok this i will leave you with because i will agree i dont know much about this organization nor do i care. i am just sharing this because i think something should be done whether its done by them or not.

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I have learned shit so shut the fuck up and stop talking bout stuff you dont know anything about

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OK well the dependency will not change what you are saying is a new way of getting the oil that i feel is a very big problem and obesity isnt an issue that the government has any say in. it is up to the people whether they want to be overly fat or not. ... more »

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also i will say that i havent even gave money to it. I just feel that with the awareness something can happen

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Well oil dependency isnt that big of an issue and obesity is the peoples fault nothing anyone can do and the debt will never be paid back. Solving the kony thing can bring the united states some well needed help

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Yes, get your defenses up and bad mouth my grammar that'll really prove your point

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hmmmm well considering none of your link are from creditable sources I dont count there information creditable

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Btw its my money and im not stirred up I just have a heart and whether or not there shady something should be done cause the fact of the matter is Uganda is a dangerous place and this shit is still happening so before you go and look up shit on Google ... more »

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So what your telling us is that everyone is completely stupid and the people who are in control of telling whether the organization is in the guidelines of the law are stupid and the organization who has been around for years is a shame hmm wow you are ... more »

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Yes please tell me why you think im wrong

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Thanks guys been helpful

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Again as I said to the other dip shit say why you think its a joke or be deemed an ignorant bigot.

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I think if we ban together americas people can make a diffrence and im hoping if this works that more things will happen to make our own country better