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Ok. I guess "trend" isn't the best word for it. This is just a list of stuff that I think a lot of people are doing. I know that most of this stuff is progressive. I got a standard headset, bars with 7.75" rise, a full link chain, a Samsung, 2.30" tan ... more »

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Nowadays it seems that everybody's got to have the most popular parts. This is a post for all you people who want all the stuff that's trendy. Here is a list of stuff I've noticed going on. Raw frames Integrated headsets Tallest bars you can get your ... more »

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Dubstep, Progressive house, and Hardstyle.

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Hell YEAH!

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Id want to have "Enjoy the Ride" by Krewella just because in the chorus its almost like its talking about riding BMX, even though its not a hardcore song like the rest of Krewella's music. Really anything like hardstyle, progressive house, or dubstep. ... more »

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I ride right foot forward but throw my bars clockwise. its just what comes natural.

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I have the same problem. I never though of taping my foot on. i might try it. only prob with taping it is if u fall over you don't have any thing to stop yourself. And by the way how do you change a username on here? I dont ride a hyper anymore.

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Hes got some cool vids on youtube. I watched some of his tutorials.

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I live in Texas but come up here for the summer and christmas break. I was just wondering if there were any riders on here from this area.

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Sorry to bring up such an old post, but im in Rogersville MO in the summer and winter. have you ever been to the springfield skatepark?

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Im from the springfield area. anyone ever ridden the park there?

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Good pedals


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Personally, I dont give a shit. i just put on more

it was in the upper 50s here in the fort worth area last week, and now a winter storm is coming in and its supposed to be in the 20s. hell, thats what coats are for!
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Knife Party- Bonfire Krewella- Come and get it Krewella- Dancing with the devil Krewella- Party monster Krewella- This is not the end Porter Robinson- Unison Unison (Knife Party remix) Unison (Mikkas remix) Skrillex- Bangarang Skrillex- Ruffneck Flux ... more »

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I'm about to put on 2 2.20s when i get my bike fixed.

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there were pics of subrosas and sundays in there too. although i have to agree, the eastern medusalite sprocket breaks to easily.

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I know it sucks but it was free. cant beat that.

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