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haha thats so badass! yea man.. i live in nebraska.. and its the time of the season where i have to RUN to my car to warm it up before i go anywhere.. kinda sucks cuz it pushes riding out of vision, but as soon as ii get a nice day, im bustin' off the dust and takin' my ride out to the park. dude....... how the hell do i work this site!?!? lol im so confused with it... lol

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Nothing Much.Just that yesterday we made a ramp that would lunch you over my house.Then on the other side we put a bunch of bed we picked up on the street and also a landing ramp.It was hard at first cause we kept landing on the house but later at night we were doing tricks over the house.It's was cool.SO what about you nothing new.

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hey whats up. yea im completely new to vital.. a little confused.. lol so whats going on?

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Hey thanks for joining my group.Names Victor.But they call me vic.Talk to you later.

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That's funny how you were about to throw down with seven posers! Good job putting them in their place and getting your bike back!

my ride got jacked.. but i got her back.
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11/10/2006 4:25 AM