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When I'm not riding I'm usually working on cars/trucks. I do photography, but I haven't in a while because my camera is lost somewhere in my friend's girlfriend's house. haha. Other than that and BMX, I don't do anything else really because I work at ... more ยป

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I'm @BillyFryBMX. @sundaybikes @BIGDADDYakaGOD @GaryBYoung @theaaronross (he tweets more than you) @alex3hernandez (this kid's gonna blow up soon. he shreds) @imaddog9 @drewbezanson @catfishcatfish @tommy_jett @RecoveryFund

Reply to loud hubs,why?. 3/12/2010 6:11 AM

That's exactly why I like mine loud. Well, that, and it just sounds really cool. haha.

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