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how is it user error if its simply too short to take of the sprocket without breaking the chain apart? was simply too short, but it worked without a single problem.

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I used one halflink when i slammed my wheel. But the chain was so short, that i had to take it apart every time i wanted to take my wheel off. was horrible. anyway, try using one halflink and it wil fit.

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Thanks for the advice. But i already took it apart and greased everything 3 times. It all work fine until i tighten the driveside axlenut. then somehow it gets pinched and doesnt move free anymore. So i decided to fuck it and use my cassette again.

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It feels like riding a freecoaster.... Once you engage the coaster its the same feeling. Slack and not trying to pedal back in fackies is the only thing i needed to get used to.

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If you just want to loose weight do a HIIT workout every morning. Simply warm up your body and then you start doing intervals where you run for 30 seconds as hard as you can and then relax for 2 minutes going slow. Do ten intervals if you can and it ... more »

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The Salt one should be ok. Since i know Salt is just the "no name" brand from eclat. i rode a Salt+ cassette for four years and it still looks brand new and never had a problem with it. But if you have the extra cash go for the eclat one.

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I noticed for me, that concentrating on my lower back and my legs more really helps. Try to stiffen your leg as hard as a can without cramping it. Worked for me and i got manuals dialed since then.

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My freecoaster had some wobble, because the non-drive side cone nut was loose. I fixed it, but now it seems like the drive side cone nut pinches my driver. so it doesn't spin free anymore or doesnt spin at all. Only when i keep the nut real loose the ... more »

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Odyssey Thunderbolt.

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I ride one in the back for a little more than a year now. Had no problems so far and seems to be strong. would give it 9 out of 10. But im riding a 48h.

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I think it has to do with the shipping and everything, since Eclat is in Germany and they need to ship it to the USA. Another example of the prices in Europe are the S&M or FBM frames. I think in the USA they are about 350$ and in Germany they are ... more »

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i can't wait for them, i already have a Khe Reverse with 48h in the back and i want to have 48h in the front too! Even i never trued my wheel so often, but i just feel more comfortable with the added strengh

Added reply in a thread Change slack discs (FREECOASTER) 1/13/2014 10:51 AM i think this one explains everything pretty well, atleast how to take it apart. If you want to have max slack, just take out all little spacers and take the spacer behind the non-driveside bearing and flip it around so the ... more »

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Im wondering if you can just take off the locknut ? Or will the freecoaster be loose then? since i have one in my room, but it doesnt fit my backend and i was thinking of taking the locknut off.

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Have fun and just do what you want. Tricks come with bike control and when you keep riding constantly you will progress some time, Just be patient.

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^^ on mine i had the feeling it stuck in the hub. But i was just afraid to break it, you really need to hit it hard, otherwise it won't come out.

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The Fuego frame loooks so sexy! It's clean as fuck. i hope you build it completley soon!! can't wait to see it!

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Eclat is the most progressive and innovative brand out there. They have proved, that they're one of the best brands in the bmx world. Also they've put out the "Native" series, which is a killer. They always bring out good products, and they have a pretty ... more »

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I usually go into the city. Dunno why but it is always dry if its not raining at the moment. As said, if it's cold just bundle up and you will be fine. If it's snowing or raining i don't like to ride, since i don't want my bike to get wet and i don't ... more »

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Hey guys, since i use my freecoaster (KHE Reverse

for two weeks now i have some questions. 1. Can i do crankflips with a freecoaster, or will it damage the mechanism? 2. i know going out of a fakie with pedal pressure is bad, but does that ... more »