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I don’t practice. I ride.

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I’ll be on the welcome jam episode of the bmx in our blood podcast

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Grind the sign

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people crying FBM is gone, but never bought FBM shit.

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This is stupid

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You probably aren’t truing/tensioning properly. I true my wheels a few times a year and i never let them get bad. Maybe your rims just suck but my guess is you need to add more tension next time you true them.

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Four Bobby SceneKid69 Theraddragon Sickdude Still Wock John Tranomi Buck choclit

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Why yes, the shitties form of pegs are worse than other pegs. Why do you ask? One time i had an all metal peg that was aluminum but had a steal end where you bold it to the axle. That shit broke in two pieces.

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Got any 48h 3/8 front hubs for sale?

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I was lonely and bored. I used to ride bikes with all the kids in the neighborhood when i was little, but they all moved away or stopped talking to me because i was weird (which i was). So i just never stopped riding. I rode alone for years. I didn’t ... more »

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Using a song that you already know was in a previous edit is highly frowned upon. Simmilar to filming the same trick at the same spot as someone else. Not only is it a respect thing, but it also keeps edit original. There are billions of songs out there, ... more »

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Yes bobby, order wheels from us and i will build them myself. Free shipping too. Get some ribcages.

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If caller id at the shop says tipplus, we usually ignore it...

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We don’t need dans, and nobody should want them anymore. Powers, empire, albes, and now source is stateside. Why would we possibly want to support a company that fucked other companies and customers out of thousands of dollars and gives nothing back ... more »

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1995 honda odyssey is really perfect for a couple people on a trip. Astro van is perfect for a couple more people on a road trip.

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No way vans printed a shirt making fun of steve cab... someone probably just printed it themselves. Seems like a lot of riders have screen printing businesses

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I started riding in 2009. My favorite style of riding is the early 2000’s animal street era. Metal pegs, small bars, cassetes, even straight cable brakes, and my bike has got it all! It’s kinda like a late midschool build with modern frame geo. But basically

... more »
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Pics? How much?

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Anyone got a 48h front with a 3/8 axle? I think 36 just isn’t enough for me.

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