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You’re a fucking mad man for this bobby

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Thanks guys! I got 20.75 because i’ve had it on my last four frames so i’m just used to it.

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Frame: Custom gypsy. I got a 13.25” cs and welded brake mounts and a straight guage down tube. Forks: FBM CB4K’s in 28mm Stem: Animal inverse Bars: Usually the make crew bar but i just switched back to big fours Grips: Usually Animal Kocsis but i have

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Honestly he would have landed it fine if the wheel didn’t fold. His spine would have been fine too. Like obviously that guy knew what he was doing, that was a dialed flip.

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I do butcher grinds all the time

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Did you just call yourself awesome?

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I like to do barhops. People get so scared of hitting their feet on the bars and eating it. Or set leaning over the bars and walk your hands along the ground, i’ll usually get someone with that.

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Snapped this one of my friend jojo tonight
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Oh boy i have a good one! Me and a few friends were riding a sidewalk gap into the road but not even where you drive, just where you park. So we weren’t actually in the way of drivers. But this guy stopped at his green light to tell us we were in the ... more »

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Oh my, look who’s back.

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Just saying i have personally seen some pretty shitty welds on frames made by s&m, but have never seen a shitty weld by john corts. And most people i know ride an fbm. John takes so much pride in his work, he wont let something fucked up get sold. ... more »

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The 250l is the highest quality out of those

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Haro is kinda lame

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I work at an all bmx shop now. I can tell you that it is a very bad idea to open one if you want to make money. 99% chance you will fail and go out of business. But if you somehow made it work it would be awesome! We need more core bmx shops holding ... more »

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I have a broken titanium plate that was on my collarbone for a year. I told them i wouldn’t get the surgery if they didn’t let me keep it. I really don’t want a whole bone removed from my body. The doctors aren’t sure if they want to yet either but in ... more »

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I had a doctors apointment this morning and they told me they want to either replace my left collarbone completely or just leave me fucked up for the rest of my life. So i was pretty bummed and went to pedal around. Then i saw this white pigeon that

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I could hop about 43” until two months ago. Now i can hop maybe a little over a foot. I have a very fucked up half paralyzed shoulder that is trying to ruin my life.

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I know exactly what’s wrong, your bike squeaks. The reason it squeaks is because it squeaks.