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Riteway is the big distro over there.They should be able to hook you up with company e mails to send your resume

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And fuck your Honda accord....

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That is a old Odyssey stem. One for sale here.

Reply to What in the hell Haro? 2/11/2020 7:22 PM

Oh now.This was the bmx industries first attempt to protect the sprocket from getting trashed from grinding ect.These things lasted about two or three years and fell off.(can you say five plus pound frames?) Even GT had one

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I like turtles.

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Comparing the two,it does look like a 01.The serial number will say for sure. 02 GT's are few and far between because most of them never made production after the bankruptcy. Here is a 01 catalog.

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I think it's time for a new random thread.... Up vote if you think it would be a good idea.

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Pretty cool.Don't see a lot of 02 GT's out in the wild.

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New vital circle of life on the forums shirts!

You know you want one.
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Wheel sets came with Weinmann rims.

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Cook up a packet of rice,then dump it on the floor.Spin cranks really fast and put tire on rice.Should clean em right up. Ok,Im done with rice jokes. Most people use baking soda and a wet rag/brush to clean colored tires or tan side walls.Takes a few ... more »

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Put a hot rice packet on it.Should heal right up.

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O S vital flash back.

Im sure the op has been refreshing this page over and over for the last eleven years waiting for conformation. This man is a hero.
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No.But I am excited about these new rice packets.

90 seconds in the microwave and OMG!!!!
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You will have to use a photo hosting site like tinypic or photobucket to post pictures.Also,they will want to know the serial number.(stamped under the bb.)

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Ever wonder what happens to the people you send to the museum?

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The donkey punch lunch bunch. The blueness of your waffle makes me wanna go home. I wouldn't eat that even with melted cheese on top. You feelings are not laws nor science.