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My mom and her friend want to have sex with you in her van. You should be in the x games. Could you sign my boob? How did you get to be so awesome? Would you like to ride for us and have your own sig bike? . Are things nobody has ever said to me.

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A part of me just died seeing pegs on that frame. But what ev's.

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Yes.Seat post size, bb type and brakes is what you need to match.Everything else is universal.

Reply to Is this old skool GT worth me buying? 8/4/2020 12:43 PM

From the 05 catalog

Would be about $177.00.Seems a little steep,but the bike will be fine for the little stuff.
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How is Sean Burns doing?

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1984 Not worth a lot.Lower end race type bike.

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Buck up.70 + % of the crazy going on right now will magically stop a day or two after the election. Hang in there.

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So are there any videos of you partying with Bill Clinton on Epstein island? If so have you had thoughts of suicide? Also.Now that tik tok is banned,do you know of any other sites I can watch tentacle porn on?

Reply to Can anyone identify this frame? The guy I bought it from bought it used so is this legit? 7/31/2020 1:54 PM

E mail the serial number and a pic to Fit.They can tell you what it is.

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Hah,beat me to it.

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Check it against a Scorpion poison.

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Can't help but notice they covered over this sticker on the top tube.

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Well,at least it wasn't meatspin.

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What lever do you have?

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Pornhub workout?
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99 zone.